The Dimensional Traveler

The Dimensional Traveler

Oh very well, if you insists. My entrance into your world would be even more impressive if I use each of you as my stepping stones.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode to the Digidestined.

Dimensional Travelers are characters who can freely travel between various planes of existence, such as parallel universes. Their ability to travel is usually powered by an inter-dimensional travel device or some form of magic, but it can also happen that a character is inherently born with such power.

This is also a common explanation for crossovers as, occasionally, the characters will arrive in the universe of another hero.

A possible practical application of this power is to make use of extra-dimensional shortcuts. Dimensional travel is distinct from time travel because, although time is considered the "fourth dimension," time travelers otherwise remain in the same plane while hopping between its different time periods.

There are, however, limitations to dimensional travel:

  • May not have control over when they travel between worlds.
  • Initiating the transportation may take time or have other specific recommendations.
  • May only be able to travel to a specific dimension.


  • Rez: A cybernetic megalomaniac and Gex's arch-enemy use televisions as portals to Media Dimension worlds.
  • Emperor Terrorin: A Bomber of time used his interdimensional smog to expand his empire.
  • The Kromaggs: An empire of ape-like humanoids intent on conquering every parallel world in existence.
  • Colonel Angus Rickman: A US army officer who stole a scientist's sliding timer to flee from the Sliders, who pursue him to seek revenge for Rickman murdering Professor Arturo.
  • Hunter Zolomon/Zoom: A psychotic speedster who traveled from Earth-2 to Earth-1 to become the fastest man alive and, ultimately, destroy every other parallel world.
  • Nero: An insane Romulan commander who, due to inadvertently traveling back through time, unknowingly created the Kelvin Timeline, an alternate reality where James T. Kirk led a very different life due to the death of his father during Nero's arrival in the 23rd century.


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