The Ultimate Magnetic Suppression Craft "Discharge" is the final boss from Armed Police Batrider. It is a large robotic vessel which was under construction on Gigantech Cybertron's building, and their most powerful weapon. Due to the high energy output required to power such monstrosity, Gigantech used humans inside stasis tubes to serve as a energy source for Discharge. When the Zero-Cops bust into Gigantech's building, Gigayama Tiger decides to operate Discharge to fight them, using himself as the last power source.

In the first part of the fight, the player must destroy the stasis tubes and the external shielding of discharge, while it shots from various turrets in the room. After that the place starts to crumble, so Discharge takes off to take the fight to the skies. It initially uses rotating lasers, but it detaches the lower unit after taking some damage, attacking with flaming swords aimed at the player and sparks, as well as homing lasers. It will the detach the two side units, which will act independently and can be destroyed.

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