The Disguise Spell

The Disguise Spell, also known as the Transformation Spell.

You're a diamond, mate.
~ Drake Stone masquerading as Dave Stutler via the Disguise Spell.

The Disguise Spell or the Transformation Spell, is a magical ability that allows any sorcerer to disguise themselves or other people nearby into someone else.


The Disguise-Transformation Spell

The Transformation Spell, better known as the Disguise Spell.

Conjurors who used this enchantment enable themselves to take on the appearance of someone else they wanted. They were also able to use this spell on someone else, as seen when Maxim Horvath touched a woman and she transformed into a figure strikingly resembles Veronica Gorloisen, his former lover and once fellow Merlinean spellcaster in order to distract Balthazar Blake.

The only drawback of this spell was that whenever the caster was attacked while in disguise, they will be forced reverting back into their true form, started where their real face emerged from their left side of their head. Sorcerers whom use this spell sometimes retain their real, physical attributes, though this was hinted that the performed spell was imperfect, as seen when Drake's disguise as Dave failed when Horvath noticed his painted nails. Lastly, this spell's effect will wear off at a faster rate if used on someone else instead of oneself.

Most sorcerers, especially the wicked Morganians, use this spell to hide their identity or for deceiving their enemies and victims alike.


Maxim Horvath uses this magical technique to disguise himself as a Chinese lady in New York's Chinatown, and Drake Stone uses this to disguise himself as Dave Stutler to trick Balthazar Blake and capture the Grimhold.

The Transformation Spell

The Transformation Spell

Horvath uses the Disguise Spell one last time by touching a bystander walking by to make her like his love interest Veronica Gorloisen to fool Balthazar in order to escape.


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