The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse was a dollhouse that is the sentient Lovecraftian item and the eponymous main villainous force in the episode "The Tale of the Dollmaker" of the children's horror-series Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

The Dollhouse was a malignant artifact that seemed to have a will of its own and resided in the attic of the Henderson's residence, for years Susan and her friend Melissa enjoyed a happy friendship until one summer the Dollhouse spirited Susan away.

A year later Melissa returned to stay with her aunt and uncle, eager to spend time with Susan only to be informed of her disappearance - however her curiosity led her to explore her old friend's home and in the process she stumbled across the Dollhouse.

Melissa was spirited inside the Dollhouse as well and came face to face with Susan, who was being transformed into a living doll by the evil structure - together the two braved their way to the Dollhouse's attic and took a leap of faith out of the top window: freeing themselves from this toy-like prison.

Melissa proceeded to return to her aunt and uncle, revealing Susan to them as well - later that night Melissa's uncle proceeded to take the Dollhouse and burned it on a bonfire to stop it from claiming any other victims.