A nuclear bomb or a "nuke" as it called, - one of the more common "doomsday devices".

Ogata, if the Oxygen Destroyer is used even once, politicians from around the world will see it. Of course, they'll want to use it as a weapon. Bombs against bombs, missiles against missiles, and a new superweapon to thrown upon us all! As a scientist.. No, as a human being, I cannot allow that to happened!
~ Serizawa about possible apocalypse should his Oxygen Destroyer exposed to the world and mass-produced.

"Doomsday Devices" are theoretical or fictional devices with the capability to eradicate life as we know it, ranging from machines capable of literally destroying a planet or weapons that can kill off the human race - many of these devices have been inspired by the destructive capability of nuclear weapons and other recent developments in warfare (such as chemical or bio-warfare).

Originally nuclear-based technology was the staple of a Doomsday Device alongside giant laser-type Death-Rays but in modern times a shift has occurred in which biological weapons, cyber-weapons and an assortment of other exotic weaponry are utilized : this often reflects real-life fears over changes in military warfare as well as terrorist attacks using biological / chemical weapons.

A "Doomsday Device" is commonly used by villains in fiction as part of their quest to either rule or destroy the world and such devices are seen across a broad range of genres and media.

Nuclear-Based Technology

(these are the Doomsday Devices most feared during Cold War era and continue to be deeply feared, although the threat of a Nuclear Holocaust has lessened their is still widespread fear over the use of "dirty bombs" by terrorists or rogue states : in fiction villains have easy access to nuclear weaponry and it is frequently the task of superheroes and action-types to disarm and/or stop nuclear attacks)

  • Neutron Bomb (was capable of destroying the entire city of Gotham, although devastating it is a small-scale doomsday device)

Laser-Based Technology

(these are Doomsday Devices that (as the name suggests) use weaponised lasers or things like radiation / energy to attack : they are most often referred to as "death-rays" due to the way they often emit a beam of lethal force that can either destroy outright or cause harmful effects to the world / space around them)

Biological Weapons (Bioweapons)

(these are Doomsday Devices that use modified bacteria, viruses or other disease-carrying organism for devastating effect - these are the most feared Doomsday Devices in the modern age as a single use of such a weapon has the potential to completely wipe out all life on Earth or a similar planet)

Chemical Weapons

(these are Doomsday Devices that use harmful gas, toxic substances and chemical agents to inflict massive harm to the world around themselves, these Doomsday Devices are as feared as Biological Weaponry and have actually been used in both warfare and terrorist attacks)


(these Doomsday Devices use the power of technology to disrupt, destroy or hijack vital parts of the world's technology - they have the potential to literally send mankind back to the pre-Industrial age and the devastation such a radical shift would cause is likely catastrophic : alternatively a Cyber-Weapon can also refer to the use of weaponized machines such as robots, nanites and computers.)

  • ????????

Exotic Weapons

(these Doomsday Weapons defy conventional means of classification and may be mystical or alien in nature or simply the result of mad science - they are incredibly diverse and a testament to the destructive genius of certain villains)

List of Doomsday Devices