Dr. Facilier's Talisman is a magical pendant that played a heavy role in the ultimate scheme of the wicked bokor Dr. Facilier in Disney's The Princess and the Frog.

Given to the voodoo doctor by his Friends on the Other Side, the talisman is used to shapshift its user via the blood of the person the user wants to shapshift into--except for some reason, it doesn't work on Facilier himself ("fun fact about Voodoo, Larry...can't conjure a thing for myself.").

For Facilier's plot to steal the La Bouff family fortune, Lawrence wore the talisman to disguise himself as Prince Naveen in order to marry Charlotte La Bouff. However, once this is discovered by the real Naveen and his friend Ray the firefly, the duo are able to steal the talisman and hand it over to Tiana, Naveen's primary romantic interest and beloved sweetheart, who manages to destroy the trinket, causing the Shadowman to be dragged to Hell by his own goons thus saving Charlotte's fortune and New Orleans.


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