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A ruined, necromantic focus of incredible power, the Dread Ring serves as the fortress of Valindra Shadowmantle. From there, Valindra commands given to her by the lich zulkirs of distant Thay. A cabal of red wizards calling themselves the Thayan Resurrection wish to overthrow the lich zulkirs, and fed information on Valindra's plans to Lord Neveremeber. Now, the army of neverwitner marches to war.
~ Official overview

The Dread Ring, presented in Neverwinter Online, is Valindra Shadowmantle and her Thayan minion's fortress, serves as location of Shadowmantle arc and the battlefield for the final battle against Valindra.


A Dread Ring is a place of ritual build by Thayan red wizards for evil rituals.

In Neverwinter Online, following her defeat in Sharandar and Castle Never, Valindra retreated back to the Dread Ring for her next move. While the elves of New Sharandar were busy dealing with Malabog, Valindra's Thayan armies established a Dread Ring within the Neverwinter Woods. There, she sought to raise the ancient black dragon, Lorragauth, as a massive dracolich.

Neverwinter raised a massive army, known as the Neverwinter Vanguard, which penetrated the Dread Ring and set up a base camp to fight back against the Red Wizards. The Neverwinter Vanguard also received unexpected aid from a group of renegade Red Wizards known as the Thayan Resurrection. Led by Rath Modar, this group of Red Wizards was exiled from Thay for speaking out against Szass Tam. With the help of their allies, the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge defeated the Thayans and finally destroyed Valindra herself, ending her crime of terror once and for all.


  • Valindra's Tower


  • In Chinese dub of the game, the Shadowmantle arc is known as the Dread Ring arc, named after the Dread Ring itself.

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