The Drej Mothership, also called the "Alahenena".

The Drej Mothership, also known by it's original "Alahenena" ("planet killer" in the Drej dialect), is a massive alien mothership constructed and used by the sinister blue pure energy-based extraterrestrials called the Drej. This incredible warship designed with Drej technology can fire laser beams capable of annihilating entire planets by firing at them, causing each planet to spin faster and faster, until centrifugal force overpowers gravity, thus causing those worlds to fly apart at the seams.

Inside the mothership holds a large throne owned by the Drej Queen who ordered her Drej drones to find the Titan which can create a new Earth-like planet. It stores thousands of Drej Stingers to attack fleeing human spaceships that the Drej destroys. They have the Drej Stingers to destroy any human and alien lifeforms and use their tractor beams to capture prisoners.


  • The Drej Mothership has a planet-killing laser beam to destroy an entire planet just like the Death Star from the Star Wars universe.

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