The Eldritch Locations

The Eldritch Locations

Bravo. Bra-vo. No mortal has ever made it to Tartarus before. Well, alive that is. Make yourselves at home.
~ Eris about her kingdom of Tartarus in Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

Eldritch Locations is an antagonistic trope usually applied to villains like Demons and Lovecraftian Horrors (such as the Elder Beings and the Great Old Ones). They are a special type of Evil Lairs and even Evil Realms. Eldritch locations are usually dark, unsettling places where the laws of physics, geography and others never seem to function properly.

Eldritch Locations take many forms: Lost Worlds, Wonderlands ("Wonder" is not always a good thing) Strange Planets, Incomprehensible Voids, the insides of Eldritch Abominations, Alternate Universes, and ordinary-looking buildings among others.

Not all Eldritch Locations are associated with evil however. Others just exist for mere surreal purposes.



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