The Electron Carpet

The Electron Carpet

The Electron Carpet, also called the "Experiment 78" is a shag carpet that allows sentient beings to switch bodies using static electricity. It is featured in the animated show Gravity Falls.


The carpet is a large, fuzzy light blue square, excellent for conducting electricity. There is a yellow circle on the carpet and inside that circle are 2 yellow arrows that go counterclockwise.


The Experiment 78

The Experiment 78

The carpet was left in a hidden room in the Mystery Shack for a long time. Eventually it was rediscovered when Soos finds the secret room that the carpet was in. After several people switch bodies around including Dipper, Mabel, Candy Chiu, Grenda, Old Man McGucket, Soos, Waddles, Sheriff Blubs, and Deputy Durland, and Dipper wins the room from Grunkle Stan, he decides to get rid of it. Grunkle Stan obliges and takes it out of the room.


It works by shuffling on the carpet, such as walking on it or rolling in it, and charging up static electricity. Once the subject has sufficiently charged up, anyone they immediately contact with will be the one with whom they switch bodies.

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