Elmo's Got a Gun - Parody video01:17

Elmo's Got a Gun - Parody video

"Elmo's Got a Gun" is a parody song by Tommy and Rumble. It discusses everyone's favorite monster going on a killing spree for undisclosed reasons. It is a parody of "Janie's Got a Gun" (which is also sung in the comedy film Not Another Teen Movie) by Aerosmith.


Elmo's got a gun

Elmo's got a gun

Big Bird's on the run

Ernie's calling 9-1-1

What made Elmo snap?

Was he tired of Big Bird's crap?

They say when Elmo was arrested

They found that

Oscar's head was in the trash

I hear that Gordon's relly runnin'

Now that Elmo's got a gun

The street is never gonna be the same

Elmo's got a gun

Elmo's got a gun

Grover's head has come undone

Sesame Street is not real fun...

(You want me to walk around Sesame Street without a bulletproof vest?! Forget about it!)


  • Weird Al Yankovic is often credited with writing this song.

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