The Enslavement


Some of the fictional villains or villains organizations enslave any citizens to work for them.



  • Kang and Kodos ensalved the entire human race in one of the THOH series
  • ???


  • Mola Ram enslaves the children of Mayapore village.
  • Jabba and the entire Hutt race enslaves every single female Twi'leks (including one human named Leia) as their dancers.
  • General Thade enslaves all the humans to serve the ape race.


  • General Scales and the Sharpclaws enslaves all the Snowhorn tribe in the DarkIce mines.


  • Lady Tremaine enslaves Cinderella to work for her as her housemaid.
  • Grandfather enslaves the entire children population of the KND universe.
  • King Sombra enslaves the entire crystal ponies of the Crystal Empire.
  • Lord Rataxes enslaves the elephants in Rhino city.
  • The Zygerrians enslaves the Togruta colonists from Kiros to work on Kadavo.
  • The Glitterbots hypnotizes and enslaves all the Spectran Sprites to place a huge net around Spectra.
  • Plankton enslaves the entire population of Bikini Bottom (Including Sandy Cheeks and Gary) after he claims the secret Krabby Formula.


(Bucket-Helmet Bikini Bottomites: All hail Plankton! All hail Plankton!) NO RESTING! This monument celebrating my glory isn't gonna build itself! MOVE FASTER!
~ Plankton enslaving all of Bikini Bottom.


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