Every Hero Needs a Villain

Every Hero Needs a Villain

Every hero needs a villain to fight against them and understand what happen to them if they fall in to the dark side, this concept is usually found in some movies (sequels or prequels) or books who illustred they the concept about the opposite force who always fight the do-gooders.

Similar to the concept of that everyone needs a hero, every hero need a villains to be created in first place, whether they can be Mad Scientists who create accidentally the hero in question, a malevolent force who create (Indirectly) a good conterpart of them (Usually a baby or a kid), a Dark Lord who learn about a random ancient prophecy of his will got a son that will defeat him, An Evil Twin/Clone who learn to create another equal but a the end is diferent than him, Or a Fallen Hero who utilize his "Secret Weapon" Against them all but in a random moment his newly created weapon turn against him an becoming a hero by themself.

This Ocassion always created Archenemy and Rivals, Evil Twins, Or whatever form the villains they take to represent everything the hero fight and stood.


  • Isaac Ray Peram Wescott (Date A Live) - He is without doubt a good example of this, he indirectly created all the characters, even the heroes, who would fight against them when he invoke the First Spirit 30 years ago.
  • Makuta Teridax (Bionicle) - He is another good example, He put the great spirit of the Matoran universe known a Mata Nui in a coma, and directly make the way to every hero who fought against him.
  • Norman Osborn (Ultimate Spider-Man) - He indirectly created Spider-Man when one of his experimental spiders bitten Peter Parker and given to him his superpowers in the first place.
  • Margaret White (Carrie) - She was the responsible to no only tortured Carrie White for fron her childhood, she was, in fact, the person who created her another malevolent and nihilistic personality.
    • Chris Hargensen (Stephen King's Carrie) -On the other hand, Chris Hargensen was also the (Indirectly) responsible of the Black Prom in first, wihich lead up to her horrifying (but well-deserved) demise.
  • Frieza (Dragon Ball Z) - He destroyed the planet Vegeta an destroyed all the race of the Saiyans (except Goku and Prince Vegeta), this event far probed to be his death when years later, who encountered the Super Saiyan who always feared, Which this lead to his own destruction.
  • Herbert P. Bear (Club Penguin) - When he destroyed the base of the OSP, he (Indirectly) created another secret inteligence organazition form his ashes the EPF (Which another organization of spies who all frustrated his plans to warm up the island).
  • Yuuki Terumi (BlazBlue) - Another good example of this, He indirectly created the Black Beast and kiddnaped Saya (Hades Izanami to be clear) and by extension NOL, He indirectly created every hero who fight against him and the evil organization.

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