The Evil Pile Driver

The Evil Pile Driver

Sweet dreams, cupcake! (Larry: NO!) PILE DRIVER!
~ Gus doing a pile driver on Larry Daley.

In many a story, there comes a time when the villain (or the villain's henchman) does a pile driver on someone. This means that the antagonist can jump from a great height onto someone, usually flattening him, preventing his escape, or in some cases, injuring or killing him.


  • In the Particle Man short, Universe Man does a pile driver on Particle Man.
  • Gus piles onto Larry Daley to keep him from going after the tablet.
  • Carface jumps on Charlie Barkin from a bridge in a final attempt to kill him.
  • Monstar Pound prepares to pile on Lola Bunny; Bugs saves her and gets squashed instead.
  • Flynn does a belly flop on Sid when Captain Gutt's crew captures Manny and the herd.
  • Atka jumps onto Kenai with his spear from a tall cliff.


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