The Extreme Activism

Extreme Activism

Extreme Activism is a form of protest that goes beyond that currently deemed as lawful under a nation or state's code - due to laws often varying from country to country (and even state to state) what does and does not qualify as Extreme Activism is often a controversial subject.

However some methods of Extreme Activism are almost universally condemned and people engaged in such activities are labelled as Terrorists (though they often see themselves as fighting for a just cause).

Extreme Activism employs mail-bombs, threatening letters/e-mails, vandalism of property, illegal "raids" on places of business, hacking into sites to "leak" information or spread shock imagery, the spread of racial or religious hatred as well as many other actions that are deemed to endanger the public or business (in extreme cases even national security).

Unlike terrorists many groups that engage in Extreme Activism are legal - even if their methods are not, which again raises many questions on both sides of the argument: with some countries cracking down on these "fringe" groups while others argue such groups have a right to exist under democratic law.

Extreme Activism In Fiction

  • Purity First from Deus Ex: Human Revolution often commits numerous acts of terrorism such as bombings of LIMB clinics and taking Sariff Industries employees hostage in an attempt to end human augmentation.

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