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Facing the Hero

Facing the Hero

Is good stronger then evil? Let's find out.
~ Kal to Marnie Piper during their final confrontation.

Facing the Hero is the opposite of Facing the Enemy. This term discusses on scenario where a fateful moments come for the villain to met the hero whom they opposed. More than often the hero not expected the villain's arrival ti meet him/her.


In fiction where he/she featured in, the villain sees the time has come for him/her to personally confront the hero/heroine, either accompanied by some henchmen/minions or alone. Events that led the villain faces the hero includes:

  • Hearing the news about the hero's interference in his/her evil plans.
  • Unexpected encounter with the hero/heroine in the middle of his/her siege/attack on an individual/faction/area.
  • Learned the hero's potential as threat for his/her schemes either from prophecy, people whom knows about the heroes, certain documents, etc.
  • Interested with what the hero can do.

In either way, when an evildoer faces the hero, it's more than often a conflict would began, but more charismatic villain not always immediately spark a conflict with the hero when they first met, but in the end, their interactions become more and more tense as the story progresses.


Harry Potter, the boy who lived...come to die...
~ Lord Voldemort to Harry Potter.
Man, I can't get away from you! What are you, a franchise? Take him down!
~ Steelbeak facing Darkwing Duck.
Quintas Attius Corvus: You better get comfortable, my dear, it's a long way to Rome.
Cassia: Why are you doing this?
Quintas Attius Corvus: Because the property of Quintas Attius Corvus will not be taken by some slave. Proculus, there's not enough room for you.
Proculus: Then I shall see you in Rome, Senator.
Quintas Attius Corvus: (turns to Milo in confusion, then to his soldiers.) One thousand denarii to the man who brings me the head of that slave! (rides off with Cassia.)
~ Senator Quintas Attius Corvus facing Cassia and Milo.
Well, if it isn't my nemesis Bart Simpson, and his sister Lisa whom I aren't familiar with
~ Sideshow Bob to Bart Simpson
Hello, Bart.
~ Sideshow Bob to Bart Simpson.
I bring you Cybertron, your home! And still you choose humanity. (Optimus Prime: You are the one who taught me freedom is everyone's right.)
~ Sentinel Prime facing Optimus Prime.
Well, look who got relevated!
~ Thunderclap to Arlo during the climax.
Kamran Barkawi:You should be thankful. How many people get to have their deaths witnessed by billions, live? You are going to go down in history.
Asher: I'm not the only one who's gonna die today, Kamran.)
~ Kamran Barkawi facing President Benjamin Asher.