The False Utopia

False Utopia

Didn't you notice? The humans have found happiness more than ever before. The utopia the humans have searched for is here in Neo Arcadia.
~ Copy X about his "kingdom" of Neo Arcadia.

A False Utopia is similiar to a Dystopia but instead of the often visibly oppressive and/or anarchic "true" Dystopia, a False Utopia appears inviting at first and indeed may well be a nice place to live in but hides a dark and often terrible secret beneath its innocent exterior.

The Marvel super-villain known as Doctor Doom is a good example of a character who has created a "False Utopia" on numerous occassions - in stark contrast to villains such as Darkseid or Apocalypse, who create outright Dystopias.

In a place of burning rubble and war, a False Utopia will often have advanced and clean buildings, a seemingly ordered and happy society plus little to no signs of oppression until one either attempts to stray from the "norm" or uncovers something the ruling elite does not wish to be disclosed.

Another type of False Utopia is a world in which things appear "soft and cute" at first but are actually far from it in reality - this was the case in Toy Story 3 with Lotso and can also be seen in worlds like Happy Tree Friends (which look cute and child-like but are actually Crapsack Worlds).


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