The Fictional Fictional Villains

Fictional Fictional Villains

Fictional Fictional Villains are a type of villains usually founded in media such as animation, movies, books in general, is always about villains within their setting within the setting of the series in self.

This type of villains always are presented whether are in books or series who always watch the main protagonists (or sometimes the main antagonist), sometimes they can appear as metaficitonal characthers who can represent a symbolism, others can be Parody Villains due to the fact that they have many comical material to do it, Although in rares ocassion some of the can actually be Complete Monsters if their story is about a malevolent tyrants or an Unspeakable evil who will destroy her reader, or if they speak in loud vice his name, villains like Dr. Calico, Capricorn, Candyman, and the Evil Thing are perfect examples of this.

List Of Fictional Fictional Villains

  • Dr. Calico
  • Candyman
  • The Evil Thing
  • Capricorn
  • Turbo/King Candy
  • Giffany
  • Lord Business
  • Ringo
  • Evil Emperor Zurg


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