Vessels from the Fleet of Particular Justice

The Fleet of Particular Justice was a Covenant Naval led by Supreme Commander Thel Vadamee. The fleet were responsible for the destruction of Reach and chasing down the UNSC Pillar of Autumn to Installation 04. It was one of the Covenant's larger fleets, exceeded in numbers by the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose and the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity.

Particular Justice was the fleet responsible for the glassing of the UNSC Human fortress, Reach, and then Thel Vadam commanded all his ships to pursue it, and then this led the Flood to attack his vessels and the Prophet of Stewardship alongside Halo was abandoned and destroyed when John 117 blew up the installation. All nearby ships were destroyed it, but Thel survived and become the Covenant's new Arbiter. During 2552, it had around 341 vessels.

Known Vessels

  • Seeker of Truth: Thel Vadamee's flagship
  • Glorious Advance: Phantom attached to the Seeker of Truth
  • Truth and Reconciliation: CCS class battlecruiser (Destroyed)
  • Sacred Promise: CSS class battlecruiser (Destroyed)
  • Purity of Spirit: CCS class battlecruiser
  • Penance: CAR class frigate
  • Esteem: CPV class destroyer
  • Reverence: CPV class destroyer
  • Commitent and Patience: Unknown Class (Destroyed)
  • Devotion: Unknown Class (Destroyed)
  • Infinite Succor: Agricultural Support Ship (Destroyed)
  • Brilliant Gift: Spirit (Destroyed)
  • Unnamed Covenant Destroyer: Cruiser (Destroyed)
  • Unnamed Covenant Supercarrier: Supercarrier (Destroyed)

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