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This... is God!
~ Freddy Krueger, sadistically showing off his razor-sharp Glove.

Freddy's Glove is the iconic and main (murder) weapon of the legendary child killer Freddy Krueger, the eponymous main villain of the A Nightmare on Elm Street horror movie franchise. He made it himself out of sheet metal, pipes, fishing knives, rivets, and an old leather work glove in his Boiler Room.

The glove consisted of 5 parts: the glove, the backplate, the fingers, the fingertips, and the blades. Freddy created his iconic glove in the first installment of the series. Part of the gloves' creation was seen in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy used it mostly to slash or kill his victims. It had four blades, and the thumb was excluded. In Wes Craven's New Nightmare, there were five blades, and the claws were a part of The Entity's hand.


In the 2010 reboot, the glove was redesigned. It was a hybrid of the 1984 Glove and the New Nightmare Claw, it only missed the blade on the thumb and was not as organic looking as the New Nightmare Claw. In Mortal Kombat, Freddy made a second glove for his other hand: they both were even more demonic, and resembled the remake glove. The addition of the second glove was for gameplay purposes.

As a cameo, Freddy's Glove appeared in another series Friday the 13th's Jason Goes to Hell. The morning after Jason Voorhees was pulled into Hell, Freddy's hand sprouted up, grabbed Jason's iconic Hockey Mask, and dragged it down into the netherworld as well.





  • It is often referred to as "claw glove" ???.