From Nobody to Nightmare

From Nobody to Nightmare

Why not? I've been hurt my life.
~ Carrie White (about using her psychokinetic powers against those who wronged her) to Sue Snell in Carrie (2013).
Sasha was a piece of shit before the Blast, but looking at her now... A warped body and twisted mind? Is that my future?
~ Cole about how worse Sasha has become and is concerned whether his conduit powers would corrupt him in the same way with hers.

Nobody to Nightmare is a TV Trope-popularized villainous event involving a character, either a hero or ordinary good guy who was either harmless/helpless, looked down upon, his/her existence was ignored, and worse, considered as an outcast or an individual that often being abused by other people that dislikes/hate them, either the Big Bad or merely minor villains in the story where they featured at.

How an ordinary good guy become a nightmarish villain in this scenario can be either:

In either way, when the fateful day where they turned to the dark side comes, they would cause a particularly shocking event that horrifies everyone, be it either the hero, audience, and other people who witnessed such event.


Anime and Manga

  • Naruto:
    • Jinchuurikis: Tend to suffer this due to either prejudice or terrible grudge against Tailed Beasts whom inside them by villagers of the village where they lived at. One of them, Gaara, was not only mistreated due to him a walking prison of Shukaku but also have his caretaker tried to kill him seemingly under his own father Rasa the Fourth Kazekage that resulting in the loss of innocence and become sociopathic killer until other Jinchuuriki Naruto help him return to the good side. Ironically, when Gaara become a Kazekage himself and assumed that his father's attempt murder on him was due to for sake of the village, he asked this to the reincarnated Rasa, only to be revealed that the attempted murder proved to be a tragic mistake.
      • Although Naruto himself potentially can become From Nobody to Nightmare due to his mistreatments, an ironic twist occurs where one of his tormentor, Mizuki, winds up becoming one both due to Mizuki himself already evil from start and Naruto finally able to found those who cared about him. This is apparent in anime filler where he causes a massive breakout in prison where he was held and gives Naruto who attempts to stop him troubles.
    • Tobi: The masked man who inherited Madara's name that later turns out to be none other than Obito Uchiha, the same kid that spent his childhood failing at everything, pining for Rin, feeling jealous of Kakashi, and pretty much like Naruto that we know today, is now the villain who indirectly killed Naruto's parents (one of which was his own sensei) by taking control of Kurama and unleashing him on Konoha (though in certain point of view, he directly killed both Minato and Kushina as Kurama is merely a scapegoat who tries to prevent himself from being sealed again), took part in the Uchiha massacre, corrupted Nagato and later Sasuke, co-led the aforementioned evil army against the five great powers of the world and was working to unleash Juubi. Little that did he knew that Tobi, along with Madara, was merely a pawn of the true apocalyptic being.


  • Apocalypse: When EN Sabah Nur was born, he was abandoned for having grey skin, blue lips, and unusual facial markings. He would eventually rise to become a strong warrior and soon, a powerful mutant by mastering his powers and acquiring alien technology. he would be worshipped as a god by many and years later, he would awaken from dormancy into the modern world and pose the biggest threat to the X-Men as he would seek to destroy the current world and build a new one in his image referred simply as the Age of Apocalypse.



  • Lotso from Toy Story 3: Was once a soft-spoken, gentle, lovable teddy bear who first started out as a Christmas present for Daisy, a young kind-hearted girl who immediately became overjoyed the moment she unwrapped him. Things suddenly take a dramatic turn when on a family trip, as Daisy happily played with her toys including her very special Lotso, she fell asleep after lunch, accidentally leaving her toys behind. Lotso and his friends decided to go back home afterward, but by the time they got there, it turned out Daisy bought another Lotso to compensate for the original one she lost during the trip. Right when Lotso saw this, something snapped inside him that day...It should be noted, that Daisy only bought another Lotso because he symbolized how much she truly loved her original. As pointed out by Woody, it was Lotso who abandoned Daisy.
  • Syndrome: Buddy Pine was just a geeky kid who wanted to be Mr. Incredible's super-sidekick using his gadgetry. After he's rather roughly dismissed by Mr. Incredible, it drives Buddy into a hateful vengeance and grows up to become the supervillain Syndrome, spending his life designing technology so he can kill superheroes, take their place, and then eventually sell his inventions so that everyone can be super, depriving superheroes of their uniqueness. He also takes special glee in his attempts to kill/abduct Mr. Incredible's wife and kids.
  • Aggie Prenderghast: Aggie was executed because her community mistreated and later have her hanged out of believed her ability to see the ghosts was due to her practices witchcraft. Enraged, Aggie curses the judges whom executed her so they would become zombies that endure mistreatments that worse than hers but is prevented by Prenderghast family line who read her favorite tale in her grave up until Norman failed to do the same, resulting her wrathful spirit went rampage and watch the now undead judges being mistreated by modern citizens.
  • Tighten: Hal Stewart started out as an awkward cameraman with a crush on Roxanne Ritchi but obtained superpowers via Megamind and became the supervillain Titan, an Omnicidal Maniac who is willing to obliterate an entire city just because Roxanne won't give into his even more disturbing advances.


  • Godzilla: In 1954 film, Godzilla was used to be the member of a species of prehistoric intermediate reptiles that having its habitat at the Pacific Ocean destroyed by American's H-bomb which not only destroyed his habitat and any lifeforms that inhabited it (which includes its family). Missing its family, and scarred and mutated by a radioactive residue of the blast, the creature goes to nearby human populate to wipe out mankind in revenge.
  • Electro (Max Dillon): lived his whole life without anybody merely acknowledging his existence. After his mother forgets his birthday, Max is placing a large electrical wire into a vent at Oscorp when he is suddenly electrocuted. He falls, dragging the wire with him, into a tank full of genetically altered electric eels. Max feels that he is betrayed by love, his family, and his job. He wants to rid the world of power so that everyone can feel what he once felt.
  • Sebastian Caine: When he tests the invisibility serum on himself after lying to the Pentagon, he becomes increasingly obsessed and learning the identity of Linda's new lover as he begins to destroy the faculty and murder his former mentor, Dr. Kramer.


  • Carrie White: The only thing that Carrie had in her entire life was mistreatments that she endured due to her fanatic and insane mother, which worsened with bullies (particularly Chris whom never satisfied in bullying her until she would kill her), made Carrie instigate the Black Prom Incident.
    • This dark history ultimately repeated itself when Rachel Lang, who was also mistreated in the same way with Carrie, ultimately snapped and killed her tormentors in gruesome ways.

Video Games

  • Alessa Gillespie: Like Carrie, she was endured abuse and mistreatment by her peers and her religious mother, and when nearly killed by a ritualistic fire so she can become the mother for The Order's God, it was the last straw: As revenge and the attempt to stop The Order's sinister plan to destroy the world, she plunged the whole Silent Hill into Otherworld and manipulate Travis Grady to bring portion of goodness in her heart in form of a baby that later named Cheryl out of the town.
  • Sasha (inFamous): Cast out from First Sons, and reduced into drug addict just as Ray Sphere Blast occurred, she sought the revenge against Kessler by formed Reapers to terrorize Empire City with her new powers through brainwashing with her mind control tars.

Western Animation


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