The Geese Tower

The Geese Tower

The Geese Tower is the highest building of Southtown, from where Geese Howard controls every aspect of the city. The building is located in a peninsula at the southeastern part of the city. It's key location allows Geese Howard to see the entire city from his room.

Geese Tower is a very tall building, surrounded by other buildings used by his mafia members. The building has many floors with different installations. Inside the tower are hotel rooms, casinos, fighting arenas, a meeting room where Gesse stays most of the time, a temple and a shrine that Geese uses for training. The shrine is in the rooftop of the building, with the temple right behind it. It was from the temple that Geese fell when defeated by Terry Bogard. There is also a stage in the building with acoustic isolation, that Billy Kane uses to practice his drums and guitar.


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