The Gem Homeworld otherwise known simply as the Homeworld, is a major location in the animated series Steven Universe. It is the home planet of the Gem race and is the main headquarters for the Homeworld Gems as well as the capital for the Gem Empire.


Details about the Gem Homeworld are quite bit enigmatic as not much is known about the planet other than that the Gems come from there and other small specific details. The location of the Homeworld appears to be in a separate galaxy according to Garnet in "Log Date 7 15 2" and there appears to be a caste system set up there as well. As revealed by Pearl in "The Return" the Homeworld appear to have control over multiple planets as implied by Pearl saying that Earth isn't under Gem control. Homeworld appears to be based around an imperialistic and militaristic, war-like culture based off of their invasions of other planets and the lack of care for non-Gem, organic life.


Unknown City

Homeworld is home to a highly advanced city. Skyscrapers can be seen with thin white tubes connecting them. Lights of different colors can be seen travelling through these tubes. There are also white pedestals with red inverted triangles on top. At the bottom of one of the skyscrapers are cell-like structures, very similar to the cells inside of the Gem Warship. There is a white flower-like mechanism in the city attached to an anvil and a circular black smokestack on top, looking identical in design to the Roaming Eye ships. In the distance, green tubes can be seen connecting to triangular structures, and there are also black inverted pyramids which are identical to the Pyramid Temple on Earth. A large structure built in the shape of the White Diamond can also be seen in the distance.

Known Locations

  • Docking Bay: There is a building inside of the city with a lime green interior. Gems enter the docking bay to park and exit their ships.
  • Trial Building: While it is unknown if the trial building is in the same building as the docking bay, it is also located in this city. There is an empty pink room for the defendant to stay in until their trial, which connects to a trial room, where court cases take place. The exterior of the building is black and the shape of the Roaming Eye.
  • Excavation Site: Below the trial building is a large, gaping hole in the ground. It is surrounded by walls of different shapes, taking on strange appearances compared to structures on Earth. Notable wall designs have a similar appearance to cheese graters. The excavation site also has white tubes with different colored beams flowing through.
  • Abandoned Area: At the bottom of the Excavation Site is the abandoned surface area of Homeworld. Being partially underground, (due to above ground structures) the area receives little light, and is very dark. The area is barren, covered in dirt and rock. Many tree-like shapes connect the walls together closer to the ground. Pedestals protrude from the ground, and old statues of Gems and fusions can be seen scattered around. Some pedestals have text on them written in the Gem Language. There is another hole in the ground that leads to an abandoned Kindergarten facility.
  • Abandoned Kindergarten: Going through another hole in the ground leads to a dark cave. At the end of the cave is a humongous Kindergarten, with holes scattered everywhere that are seemingly endless. Going through a entryway in a wall leads to another part of the Kindergarten, where the Off Colors live. This Kindergarten is completely underground.
  • Yellow Diamond's Unknown Moon Base is a location first seen in "Message Received", when Peridot contacts Yellow Diamond and Yellow Pearl through the communicator. Not much is known about Yellow Diamond's control room, aside from the fact that it appears to be in space, and near or inside of an asteroid field. In "Message Received", Yellow Diamond is seen in the control room using holographic terminals to access information quickly. These terminals presumably possess the same functionality as the Moon Base terminals. It is similar in style and technology to the Moon Base, though they are not identical. Only a white floating chair atop a stepped diamond-shaped altar can be seen from the inside, seemingly where Yellow Diamond works. There is a large glass wall made up of triangular panels separating the control room from the outside where several asteroids float in space both near and far.

Gem Controlled Planets and Moons

Other various Gem-inhabited planets have been mentioned, while none have been seen.


Emerald mentions that Lars and the Off Colors crashed her personal shuttle on the planet Upsilon-9.

Upsilon is the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet, which has a value of 400 in the system of Greek numerals. The symbol of Upsilon (Y or u), or variations thereof, has been used for particle physics and linguistics, among other things; in the context of astrophysics and physical cosmology, a symbol of Upsilon refers to the mass-to-light ratio (the quotient between a spacial volume's mass and it's luminosity). It is also known as "Pythagoras' letter" or "the Samian letter", as Pythagoras used it as "an emblem of the path of virtue or vice."

Klavius 7

The Sun Incinerator was docked on the planet Klavius 7 and was heavily guarded by 67 elite Citrines, before being stolen by the Off Colors. Klavius 7's name may be inspired by the Clavius crater, one of the largest crater formations on Earth's moon, which was named after 16th century Jesuit priest, mathematician, and astronomer Christopher Clavius. Clavius is also the name of a fictional lunar settlement in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey literary universe, located in the same crater formation.

Unknown Plane

A Planet located in Sector 7 which was colonized by Yellow Diamond a long time ago. The planet itself is now mostly hollowed out and completely devoid of life.

Jungle Moon

The moon which orbits the planet is still covered by a thick jungle and organic life. The Moon Base that was constructed on its surface is now abandoned and damaged by plant growth.


Lars mentions that Emerald has been following him and the Off Colors since Sector 4, which it's the location of the episode Lars of the Stars, as Lars and the Off Colors have their more recent confrontation with Emerald.

Sector 4

The location of the planet Klavius 7 where the Sun Incinerator departed and jump to hyperspace.

Sector 7

This sector is the location of the Jungle Moon where Stevonnie' stranded after their conflict with Emerald, this sector shows to be a previous Homeworld colony as the planet where the moon is located shows to be terraformed.

Other Three Sectors

Mentioned to have been passed through by the Off Colors.



Around 6,000 years ago, the Gem Homeworld had began expanding their new empire and found Earth in the process. The Homeworld began to set up various Gem structures like Kindergartens to mass produce Gems for the Homeworld. However, Rose Quartz couldn't stand to see the Gem Colony be fully completed as all organic life on Earth would die and as a result, she founded the Crystal Gems and started a rebellion against the Gem Homeworld and defected from Homeworld as well. This lead to the beginning of The Rebellion where Homeworld lost and was forced to retreat but not before both sides suffered heavy casualties and The Cluster was implanted within the Earth's core at an unknown time.

Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem

In the episode "Mirror Gem", Lapis Lazuli is the first Homeword Gem to be introduced where it is revealed that she's been trapped in a mirror for a long period of time and only now has been released. She attacks the Crystal Gems but also befriends Steven and reveals her plans to return home back to the Homeworld and stole the Earth's ocean to do so. On the top of the ocean tower Lapis has made, she stares off into space where pink glimmer is shown which is the possible location of the Homeworld and after Steven heals her gem, she grows her water wings and flies back to Homeworld.

Space Race

Pearl mentions that the Galaxy Warp served as a method of transportation to the Homeworld via the inactive Homeworld Warp.

Warp Tour

Peridot makes her debut as the second Homeworld Gem to be introduced. She teleports to Earth from the Homeworld and repairs a damaged Homeworld War Pad with her Robonoids. She checks up on her mission in a status update and then leaves after discovering a waffle sticker left behind. Garnet then proceeds to destroy the pad with her gauntlets.

The Message

Lapis appears again where she has returned home but things have changed dramatically. Lapis mentions how Homeworld has gotten more advanced since the last time she remembered it and warns Steven that the Homeworld is sending reinforcments to deal with the Crystal Gems for meddling with their affairs.

The Return/Jail Break

The Crystal Gems discover that a Gem Warship has entered the Earth's atmosphere and is heading towards Beach City. The Gems try to stop it but the ship lands on Earth and right infron of their base. Peridot steps out where she shows her superior, Jasper, the targets of their mission. Jasper then grabs Lapis and asks her if they're at their base to which she says yes. Jasper then fights the Crystal Gems and wins and everyone else is taken on board the Gem Warship. Onboard, Steven manages to break out and does the same for Ruby and Sapphire as well and discovers that Lapis is also in jail as the ship is set back to Homeworld. Ruby and Sapphire reunite and fuse back together as Garnet and fight Jasper while Steven frees Amethyst and Pearl and subdues Peridot so they can take over the ship. The ship ends up crashing and everyone survives but Jasper forces Lapis to fuse as Malachite but then Lapis forced Malachite underwater where the two of them currently remain fused.

Friend Ship

The Crystal Gems head to an ancient Gem Colony Warship where they hope to find more information about the Homeworld there since the ship was used as transportation between Homeworld and Earth. While there, they run into Peridot where she's trying to get into contact with Homeworld and she manages to escape but looses a foot in the process.

Catch and Release

Peridot is seen at a warp pad where she forces Steven into trying to fix it so she can get back to Homeworld as she has lost all her robonoids, a foot, and Yellow Diamon hasn't responded to her distress call. Steven tries and fails and Peridot ends up getting captured after retreating back into her gem. She then gets freed by Steven only to reveal her small and real appearance.

When it Rains

One day it rains and Steven goes outside and tries to convince Peridot but she hesitates. She reveals that there's no rain on the Gem Homeworld and is unknown about rain in general. According to Peridot, the Homeworld saw Earth as uneeded and decided to use it for experiments and one of them just happened to be The Cluster which is currently deep within the Earth's core and is still incubating. The only way to stop it is to destroy it before it completes incubating or get off Earth in general which props the Crystal Gems to begin planning to drill down and destroy the Cluster to save the Earth.

Back to the Barn

Peridot mentions the Homeworld while she explains the planet's caste system. She mentions how Pearls are meant to be servants revealing Pearl's position on the Gem Caste System truly is.

The Answer

As a gift for Steven's birthday, Garnet tells him how Ruby and Sapphire met. A flashback is shown where Ruby and Sapphire first met 5,750 years ago where Sapphire was a Homeworld Gem Aristocrat and was a member of Blue Diamond's court and was an underling of hers. Sapphire tells Blue Diamon that the rebels would come and loose but it doesn't go as she foresaw it and as a result, she flees with Ruby and defects after Ruby was to be executed by Blue Diamond's orders for fusing with Sapphire.

It Could've Been Great

The Crystal Gems have finished their drill and are ready to get to the Earth's core when Peridot says they need the coordinates. The gems then head up to an abandoned moon base where they find the control room and reveal the Homeworld's original plans for Earth and how a fully completed Gem Colony would've killed all organic life on Earth which Rose Quartz was against completely resulting in her instigating the Rebellion. The gems then leave but not before Peridot took a gem communication device with her.

Message Recieved

Peridot, now with the device, betrays the Crystal Gems by trying to run away and get into contact with her superior, Yellow Diamond. Peridot succeeds and gets into contact with Yellow Diamond, but is irked by her request to have The Cluster finish incubating and destroy the Earth. After Yellow Diamond says that she wants Earth's destruction, Peridot lashes out saying that there's things worth protecting and knows more than Yellow Diamon ever could. Peridot then ends the transmission and she becomes a Crystal Gem after being branded a traitor to the Homeworld.

Log Date 7 15 2

After the disastrous transmission with Peridot and Yellow Diamond, Peridot is now a Crystal Gem as she's been branded a traitor for her actions. At night, Garnet points out that the Homeworld is located on another galaxy and is outside of the Milky Way.

Same Old World

During a tour of nearby regions with Steven, Lapis and Steven run into the Homeworld Warp where Lapis tells Steven her backstory. It's then revealed that long ago, Lapis was on a mission to Earth when she was caught up in the Rebellion, she was stuck on a battlefield and confused for a Crystal Gem and was poofed by a Homeworld Quartz soldier and stuck into the mirror where she was asked where the Crystal Gem's base was located but she couldn't answer. Once Homeworld knew the Rebellion couldn't be stopped, the Homeworld Gems on Earth abandoned the planet and Lapis was left behind and picked up by Pearl years later.

Barn Mates

A Roaming Eye ship is deployed to Earth and chases down Periodt. Lapis knocks down the ship and the crew is revealed to be Ruby soldiers who exit the ship.

Hit the Diamond

The Ruby Soldiers exit the ship and after playing a game of Baseball, they are revealed to be searching for Jasper. Steven lies saying that Jasper's on Neptune and the rubies get back in the ship and leave.

Too Short to Ride

On the beach, Peridot reveals that Homeworld is currently running low on resources and new generation gems are lacking abilities. As a result, Peridot and other gems like her are given technological enhancements such as limb enhancers to make up for the resource shortage. This may not however, prevent new generation gems from having weapons or from fusing.

Monster Reunion

It was revealed that during Homeworld's colonization of Earth, Centipeetle was the captain of a squadron of soldiers sent to Earth and took orders from an unknown commander (presumably Yellow Diamond). Centipeetle was eventually deployed into battle during the Rebellion but was abandoned and corrupted during Homeworld's retreat from Earth.


Garnet tells Bismuth that Homeworld Gems outnumber Crystal Gems by a large amount and and Bismuth reveals to Steven how Bismuth gems are used as construction workers and they build various spires and towers for Gem elites to enjoy. They're used to construct colonies and build sites for philosophers to think in.


Peridot reveals that Homeworld struggled to develop gem soldiers during the mid-point of the rebellion and created the Beta Kindergarten, a rushed kindergarten that mass produced incomplete gem soldiers and sent them to the battlefield fast.


After capturing many Corrupted Gems, Jasper says how they're a disgrace to homeworld and that every gem ever made is created for the sole purpose of serving the Great Diamond Authority. Those who don't serve the diamonds are to be shattered and are declared disgraceful.

Back to the Moon

The Rubies reveal how they had to write up mission reports after completing their missions. This is also hinted by Period back when she had Limb Enhancers.


Eyeball tells Steven that there could still be Crystal Gems (including Rose Quartz) left on Earth. It's only a rumor and was most likely started sometime on Homeworld.

Kindergarten Kid

Period tells Steven that there are no Corrupted Gems on Homeworld.

Stuck Together

Steven turns himself into Aquamarine and Topez and is sent back to homeworld via their ship. Lars is also onboard upon takeoff and is eventually placed in a Homeworld facility separate from Steven upon arrival.

The Trial

Throughout the whole episode, Steven is put on trial and is forced to answer to Rose Quartz's crimes against homeworld. He's given a Zicron from Blue Diamond's court who defends him and suggests that Pink Diamond was shattered by someone higher up and not Rose Quartz due to the conditions at the time of her demise. This however, leads her to being forced back into her gem by Yellow Diamond when she gets mad after she's accused of being a possbile culprit in Pink Diamond's death.

Off Colors

After Steven and Lars escape from the trial room, they land on the true surface of homeworld which is comprised of empty and abandoned kindergartens and a dead landscape. They hide from Shatter Robonoids until they're saved by the Rutile Twins who give them refuge in the Off Colors, a group of defective gems on homeworld. Lars ends up destroying some of the robonoids, but dies when one of them blows up in front of him and is resurrected by Steven.

Lars' Head

After Lars is resurrected, his skin's been turned pink and his hair is now another portal into Lion's Dimension. Steven finds out that he can get back to Earth using it and this travels back, but isn't able to bring Lars back and so he reunites with the Crystal Gems to help get Lars and the Off Colors off of homeworld.

Dewey Wins

Steven tells Connie about his experience on Homeworld, such as being put on trial and chased alongside Lars by robonoids.


Greg assumes that what's upsetting Steven is something that happened on Homeworld that Greg wouldn't understand, so he convinces Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl to talk to Steven and try to make him feel better.

Raising the Barn

Steven tells Peridot and Lapis about his trip to Homeworld. When he mentions that he fled from the Diamonds, Lapis panics and prepares to leave Earth.

Lars of the Stars

Lars told Steven how he and the rest of Off Colors escape from the planet.


The climate of the Gem Homeworld is left unknown but according to Peridot, there's no rain on the Homeworld implying that there's possibly a lack of water. This would also explain why Lapis Lazuli was a subordinate of Jasper despite being more powerful than her in general.


Steven, Homeworld is not the way it used to be. Everything here is so advanced! I can't even understand it! There's no way anything on Earth can stand up to it! Please, don't put up a fight, it'll only lead to devastation!
~ Lapis warning Steven about the Gem Homeworld.

The Gem Homeworld appears to very technologically advanced as confirmed by Lapis in her message to Steven about the Homeworld upon her return. 5,000 years ago, the Homeworld was able to create holograms, computers, and develop space travel all before humans existed. 5,000 years later, the Homeworld has grown to become more and more technologically advanced with Lapis being scared by how much has changed on Homeworld technologically and how the Crystal Gems are foreign to certain Homeworld tech. In Monster Reunion, it's revealed that the diamonds had used a weapon or a light to cause the corruption of all remaining gems on Earth into monsters at the end of the Rebellion.

Notable Technology

  • Anti-Gravity Technology
  • Communication technology
    • Diamond Communicato
    • Wailing Stones (now obsolete)
    • Zoomans' Earrings
  • Destabilizer weapons
  • Escape pod
  • Hourglass of Time
  • Limb Enhancers
  • Red Eye sentries
  • Replicator Wand
  • Robonoids
  • Space Stations
    • Pink Diamond's Human Zoo Space Station
  • Tracking vessels
  • Tractor beam wands
  • Transport Ships
    • Aquamarine's Ship
    • Diamond Ships and Palaquins
    • Homeworld Dropships
  • Warp Pad
  • Warships (equipped with powerful beam weapons and destabilizer containment fields)
    • Destiny Destroyer (imperial warship)
    • Hand Ship
    • Hessonite's Warship


Several occupations exist on homeworld and they're assigned to all gems each depending on what kind of gem they are. 

  • Aristocrats (Sapphires)
  • Construction Workers (Bismuths)
  • Gladiators (Quartzes)
  • Kindergartners (Peridots)
  • Lawyers (Zircon)
  • Managers (Agates)
  • Philosophers (Sapphires)
  • Pilots (Nephrites)
  • Prosecuters (Zircons)
  • Rulers (Diamonds)
  • Servants (Pearls)
  • Soldiers (Rubies, Quartzes, Topazes)
  • Technicians (Peridots)
  • Terraformers (Lapis Lazulis)
  • Imperial Officers (Unknown)
  • Stragetic Management (Unknown)

Caste System

The Gem Homeworld maintains a very strict caste system based on the type of gems that inhabit the planet. Each gem is assigned a role based on their gemstone and it's used to assign each Gem their role in society, position on the social pyramid, and what privileges and purposes they serve. Anyone who deviates from this system is deemed defective. Due to the numbers of the various gems, they are often labeled by numbers (with the exception of the Diamonds).


The Diamonds are the highest on the caste and are referred to as matriarchs and are essentially the leaders of the Homeworld. Every diamond has their own followers and underlings that serve them and are deeply loyal to the diamonds. The Diamonds are often referred to as the Matriarchs and are the leaders of the Homeworld. They often categorize their followers such as when Sapphire was a member of Blue Diamond's "court" and Peridot saying that she was "made" for Yellow Diamond.

Notable Diamonds

  • Yellow Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Pink Diamond (formerly)
  • White Diamond


Fusion Gems are weapons in the case of the caste system. Fusions are reserved only for war and are usually seen for cases of battle and are referred only as equipment and nothing more. Fusions are only meant to fuse when in cases of war and it's unorthodox, disgusted, embarrassing, and inappropriate for any Fusion Gem to be fused outside of battle such as when Jasper was disgusted with Garnet at the mere idea of her being a fusion outside of combat.

Notable Fusions

  • Fusion Ruby (formerly)
  • Malachite


Citrines are Quartz Gems who seem to be an elite caste of guards. The only Citrines mentioned in-show have been a group of sixty-seven elite Citrines, who are mentioned to have guarded Emerald's ship, the Sun Incinerator, on the planet Clavia-7.

Notable Citrines

  • 67 elite Citrines


Emeralds' roles in the caste system are unknown, but they seem to be high-ranking Gems with authority. The only Emerald shown has been a high-ranking Homeworld Emerald whose ship (the Sun Incinerator) was stolen by Lars and the Off Colors.

Notable Emeralds

  • Emerald


Quartzes are the soldiers of the Homeworld society. In the caste system, they are reserved for soldiers and are meant to be elite warriors. They are notable for their tall height, large shoulders, and intimidating muscular build which makes them powerful fighters. Rose Quartz and Jasper are Quartzes and so is Amethyst even though she's too small as a result of "being in the ground for too long". Quartzes are often used as soldiers but can also serve as escorts and bodyguards. Quartzes are notably less numerous than Rubies however.

Notable Quartzes

  • Rose Quartz (formerly)
  • Amethyst (technically)
  • 8XL Amethyst
  • 8XG Amethyst
  • 8XJ Amethyst
  • Jasper
  • Skinny Jasper
  • Carnelian

Unknown Green Gems

Centipeetle's gem is unknown but in Monster Reunion, she lead a squadron of Homeworld Gems of the same gemstone to Earth to help with colonization. They travel in large groups and focus on building infrastructure and colonies on planets and serve in battle if needed.

Notable Green Gems

  • Centipeetle (formerly)
  • Centipeetle's Crewmates (formerly)

Lapis Lazulis

Lapis Lazulis serve as terraformers and are tasked with terraforming planets that have fallen under gem control. Peridot states that they're partial to water and flying but their rank in the caste is unknown but presumably are either equal to or greater than Peridots in rank. Lapis Lazulis use water as a means of terraforming planets using massive bodies of water with ease (possibly explaining her enjoyment of farming).

Notable Lapis Lazulis

  • Lapis Lazuli (formerly)


Agates are an unknown caste in the gem caste system. The only known Agate is Holly Blue who is in charge of a group of Quartz soldiers in Pink Diamon's Zoo. While Agates don't lead battles, they seem to have administrative roles instead and manage certain gems.

Notable Agates

  • Holly Blue Agate


Zircrons are servents of the Diamonds and are usually lawyers. They represent accused gems and other enemies of the Great Diamond Authority and help conduct trials on homeworld. They have no choice over their cases however, and usually defend or prosecute certain individuals based on which case a Zircon is assigned to.

Notable Zircons

  • Defense Zircon
  • Prosecuting Zircon


Aquamarines have another unknown positon but it appears to be more high-ranking. Aquamarine is the only known gem of her kind that exists and has a form of authority over other gems such as Topaz who she has complete authority over. She was sent to Earth to retrieve different "variations" of humans for Pink Diamond's Zoo.

Notable Aquamarines

  • Aquamarine


Topazes have the role of soldiers as seen in Are You My Dad? where a fusion pair is sent to Earth along with Aquamarine to retrieve human "variants" for Pink Diamond's Zoo. Both are trapped in fusion and are proficient at suck skills. Topaz is seen under the subordination of Aquamarine meaning that they might have a lower position in the gem military.

Notable Topazes

  • Topaz


Not much is known about Nephrites nor their position in the caste but they were mentioned to pilot gem ships.


Sapphire Gems are aristocratic gems as described by Garnet and fit right into Gem nobility.

Notable Sapphires

  • Sapphire (formerly)


Bismuth gems are builder gems. They're original purpose is to construct and build spires, buildings, and other structures meant for aristocratic gems. They help with building colonies for the construction of gem colonies on other planets. Due to their building nature, Bismuth gems are resistant to heat and other weather conditions.

Notable Bismuths

  • Bismuth (formerly)


Rubies are in the middle of the castre system. Ruby Gems are also soldiers but they are fitted for a more "common" role in Homeworld society. They're small and act mainly as bodyguards for high-ranking gems and other important gems as well.

Notable Rubies

  • Homeworld Rubies
  • Doc Ruby
  • Eyeball Ruby
  • Navy Ruby
  • Leggy Ruby
  • Army Ruby
  • Ruby (formerly)


Peridots have an unknown purpose at this time. They appear to mainly be technicians and manage Kindergartens set up around the universe and appear to fit in an engineer position. Peridots are higher than Pearls but aren't eligable to own one.

Notable Peridots

  • Peridot (formerly)


Pearls are at the bottom of the caste and are the lowest in Homeworld society. Pearls are only fit to serve as mere servants and servants only. They are to be domestic, ladie-in-waiting for their owners, silent, and obedient. Pearls are also seen serving high-ranking gems like Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond and have various color patterns to match their respective masters.

Notable Pearls

  • Yellow Pearl
  • Blue Pearl
  • White Pearl
  • Pink Pearl
  • Pearl (formerly)

Rose Quartzs

Rose Quartz gems are separate from regular Quartz despite both being soldiers. Rose Quartz are known for being defensive instead of offensive and serve in the military. Currently, every Rose Quartz gem is bubbled inside Pink Diamond's Zoo and will presumably remain bubbled forever as a means of Blue Diamon to preserve Pink Diamond's legacy while Yellow Diamond wants all of them shattered in response to one of them having started the rebellion.

Notable Rose Quartz

  • Rose Quartz (formerly)

Defective Gems

Defective gems are an unofficial caste, but remain at the very bottom below Pearls. They're gems that are produced wrongly and serve no use for the Gem empire and are thus outcasts. If caught, they are to be arrested and shattered immediately.

Judicial Proceedings

Judicial courts in Homeworld use a system similar to a hybrid of the adversarial and inquisitorial court systems, the main amalgamations being an inquisitorial cast of impartial individuals with no jury and an adversarial court proceeding. The accused is assigned an attorney to convince the Diamonds of negating further charges or the charge entirely. The accusing party, called the plaintiff, assigns a prosecutor to present the case against the accused and argue for their guilt.

The court also contains a court reporter that transcribes everything that occurs in the courtroom and a court sketch artist to depict proceedings inside the courtroom. After hearing both sides' cases, the judges decide whether the defendant is innocent or guilty and, if they are guilty, how and what will be the appropriate charge or sentence.

The only case seen so far was when Steven (posing as Rose Quartz) was tried in front of Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond, acting as both judges and plaintiffs, with a Zircon being Steven's defense lawyer and another Zircon as the prosecutor of the case. Both of the Diamond's Pearls are also present, Yellow Pearl acting as the court reporter and Blue Pearl as the court sketch artist.


On numerous occasions, it has been stated that the Gem Homeworld has records, cataloging different events in Gem history and facts about locations. It is unknown if reports that Gems must complete after missions are also cataloged in these records.

Known Information

Hundreds of years worth of reports cataloging the Rebellion were included, that Peridot read up on. The Defending Zircon says that records state Pink Diamond was shattered by Rose Quartz in front of her entire entourage. In addition, the records state that Pink Diamond was shattered outside of her own palanquin. Witnesses stated that Pink Diamond stepped out of her palanquin when Rose suddenly attacked her from the front. The records also state that all Gems were wiped out on Earth, according to Peridot. During "The Trial", Yellow Pearl writes down every event that takes place, and tells Steven to state his name for the records.


The Gem Homeworld is based around a very strict and authoritative society and as a result, they have various forms of punishment for disobedient Gems.

  • Execution: The execution of Gems is a punishment reserved to those who are branded as traitors and defy the Great Diamond Authority. Rose Quartz stated to Pearl that if they'd lost the Rebellion, they'd be executed via shattering of the gemstone which would kill them entirely and Ruby was almost executed by Blue Diamond for fusing with Sapphire until Sapphire saved her.
  • Harvesting: Harvesting is a form of punishment where Gems are forced into bubbles indefiitely and aren't released. This is shown where Peridot was concerned that the Crystal Gems did that to her when they imprisoned her following her capture.
  • Forced Fusion: Possibly the worst punishment of them all, forced fusion is when Gems are forced against their will to fuse together. The Gem Mutants are a prime example as they are former members of the Crystal Gems that were forcibly fused together by Homeworld as punishment for treason.
  • Corruption – As punishment for The Rebellion, the Diamonds corrupted most of the remaining Gems on Earth by unknown means.
  • Bubbling – The Diamonds have every Rose Quartz Gem bubbled and placed in Pink Diamond's Zoo indefinitely both in memory of Pink Diamond and for being the Gem type that Rose Quartz was, who allegedly assassinated Pink Diamond.
  • Conscious incarceration – During the Rebellion, Homeworld forces recovered Lapis' gemstone and placed it in a mirror in an attempt to gather intelligence on the Crystal Gems from her.


Current Inhabitants

  • Yellow Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • White Diamond
  • Yellow Pearl
  • Blue Pearl
  • White Pearl
  • Holly Blue Agate
  • The "Famethyst"
    • "Skinny Jasper"
    • Carnelian
    • Amethysts "8XG, "8XJ", and "8XL"
  • Eyeball
  • Zircon (Prosecuting) (Inactive)
  • Zircon (Defense) (Inactive)
  • Aquamarine
  • Topazes

Former Inhabitants

  • Pink Diamond (Shattered)
  • Doc (In Space)
  • Army (In Space)
  • Navy (In Space)
  • Leggy (In Space)

Unknown Inhabitants

  • Nephrite ("Bismuth")
  • Morganite ("Off Colors")
  • Unknown Quartz Warrior ("Sworn to the Sword")
  • Blue Diamond's Court ("The Answer")
  • Citrines ("Lars of the Stars")
  • Nephrite-XJ Cut-763 ("Jungle Moon")
  • Crystal Gems
    • Rose Quartz
    • Garnet
    • Pearl
    • Ruby
    • Sapphire
    • Peridot
    • Bismuth
    • Bismuth's Friends
      • "Crazy Lace"
      • "Biggs"
      • "Snowflake"
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Corrupted Gems
      • Jasper
      • Centipeedle Monster
        • Centipeedle's Crew
  • Off Colors
    • Padparadscha
    • Rutile Twins
    • Rhodonite
    • Fluorite
  • Lars Barriga
  • Hessonite
  • Squaridot/Peridot
  • Hessonite's Citrine Guards



  • Lapis Lazuli appears to be in an odd position as it is unknown what type of Gem she is and what position she fits in the Gem Caste System.
  • On many of the abandoned Gem facilities and locations, there is an emblem of four diamonds which is the opposite of another emblem with three of the diamonds on modern gem tech. The missing pink mark appears to mean that the Great Diamond Authority has lost a member.
    • It is later known that the aforementioned lost member is confirmed to be Pink Diamond, who was shattered by Rose Quartz according to Eyeball Ruby in "Back to the Moon".