The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship (in Japanese: 幽霊船 Yūreisen) is a phantom ship that wanders the cosmos, and it is haunted by the spirits of the dead in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

Within the Ghost ship lies the God Eye, a gem that can grant any single wish. However, legend has it that whoever steps inside the vessel risks being pulled down into the world of the dead, and that no one who has entered ever survived the Ghost Ship. It is a massive ship, about twenty times bigger than the Gokai Galleon.

The ghosts that wander the Ghost Ship are odd and have a displaced idea about scaring people and keeping them from seeing the treasure and tend to inadvertently lead those who wander in straight to the God Eye. However, within the ship is an separate pocket dimension which houses the destroyed grunts and about 1500 other monsters and villains that were defeated by the past Sentai.

It is revealed that the reason no one has ever escaped the Ghost Ship was because its deceased captain Los Dark had been luring greedy individuals into entering the ship, where he drains their life force.

It was destroyed when it's captain used his Fake GokaiOh's cannon to hit his ship in an attempt to hit the Gokaigers' GokaiOh while swinging on a mecha-sized rope.



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