The Ghost Train of New York Central

The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train is a ghostly apparition of an old train that appears in Ghostbusters II.


Ghostbusters II

While Ray, Egon, and Winston decide to go underneath the old New York Subway tunnels, They decide to search for the river of slime that is slowly building up under the city. Peter, in the meantime is taking Dana on a date to a fancy restaurant while they search. The Ghost Train makes a sudden appearance while the team is on the old Railway tracks. In a panic, Ray and Egon quickly take cover while a stunned Winston freezes in place while it flies straight through him. When it disappears Egon thinks he identifies the train as being the old New York Central "City of Albany" that was accidentally derailed in 1920, killing over 100 people. Egon asked Winston what the number on the train was but Winston was too petrified to remember the number.

The Real Ghostbusters

The Ghost Train makes a appearance in the episode "The Magnificent Five" of the cartoon show The Real Ghostbusters. It is a menacing looking train that rides into any town even if has no station.

Black Bart and his gang returned to Spittoon for a showdown aboard the Ghost Train. Even though Spittoon had no train station, the train laid down its own tracks into the center of town.


Sadly what Egon says here is not based on anything. However, during the time frame of the 1920's there were a lot of derailings. Also, many viewers have noted that the train pictured features a steam locomotive , Baggage car, coach and a caboose. It should be noted that the train it's self looks like a train from the mid 1800's instead of from the 1920's. Egon probably in a moment of fear and panic must of got the City of Albany train mixed up with another train that was involved in an earlier disaster before the 20th century.


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