The Giant Monster Attack

Giant Monster Attack

Giant Monster Attack is a classic scenario where huge monsters attack a city/town/village/community where protagonists happened to live in.

A varient is a robot with the same effect.


What is Giant Monster Attack?

Giant Monster Attacks are a common theme in many story, usually when it comes to the main antagonist (or a minor one) whom capable to transform into giant monster (some case overlapped with the One-Winged Angel case if the villain's monstrous form is very huge) or IS a giant monster in nature attacking a city, a place, or a ship. Motivations of the attacks ranges from sadistic amusement, hunting down the hero, claiming a sacrifice, and commencing one-man army siege on a nation/populate.

While at first this theme usually found in certain folklore and folktale, the term ultimately becme popular in other media such as film, cartoons, comic books, and modern literatures. Some earliest well-known films which featured attacking giant monsters are Godzilla (film about titular monster's rampage in retaliation of destruction of his home by nuclear test), King Kong, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea which features giant squids who attacks Nautilus submarine.

Variations of Giant Monster Attack

There are various scenario of Giant Monster Attacks, which are:

  • Dragon Attack: Common in medieval fantasies, the dragon lays a siege on a kingdom or village, setting buildings on fire, kidnapping princesses, and ravaging the land until the brave knight shows up to defeat it.
  • Sea Monster Attack: A kraken or sea serpent attacks a ship, usually wrapping itself around it, dragging it down to the depths, and consuming the crew.
  • City/Kaiju Attack: A bipedal monster attacks a city, devouring civilians, crushing vehicles and tearing down buildings. This theme in popularized upon debuts of titular kaijus such as Godzilla and King Kong
  • Battle Against Villain's Super-Powered Form: The main antagonist takes the form of a giant monster in the final climax when going through a breakdown and/or challenging the hero.


  • The Kraken, summoned by Davy Jones, tears down a ship with Will Turner on it and then brings down the Black Pearl.
  • Ursula the Sea Witch transforms into a giant via the magical power of the Trident in a bid to control the Seven Seas.
  • Rowan North transforms into a ghostly giant monster to seize power over New York City.
  • Mor'du attacks the Highland clans and nearly devours Merida until Queen Elinor arrives to save the day.
  • The Giant Squid attacks the Nautilus, capturing one of the seamen and fighting the main characters.
  • The Kraken (Clash of the Titans) attacks Ethiopia, terrorizing the country and preparing to devour Andromeda until Perseus arrives to save the day.


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