The Giant Tank

Giant Tank

IDIOTS! Don't let them near the glowing, red weak point! (silence) Why does it even HAVE a weak point??? Couldn't you have put a cover on it??!?
~ Skullmageddon regarding the tank's worst Achilles' heel

The Giant Tank (also known as the "Expensive Experiment Giant Tank") is the third boss from Double Dragon Neon. It is a gigantic tank built by Skullmageddon's engineers, equipped with a large frontal cannon and various smaller cannons and rocket launchers all over it's body. However, it's engineers screwed it up by putting a huge, glowing red weak point on it's back, which Skullmageddon immediately points out to his henchmen in disgust.

In order to destroy the Giant Tank, the player must climb it up to reach the weak point while destroying the cannons and avoiding the various missiles coming from all directions. The battle is not so simple, however, as not only it will dispatch Williamses to stall the heroes but the Killacopter will also shoot at the player.

Once you reach the weak point, you must grab the barrel explosives and throw at it. Once it is defeated, it will accidentally shoot at the Killacopter, which will fall over the tank as the two explode. The explosion is so huge that it knocks the Lee brothers unconscious, allowing Skullmageddon's minions to capture them and take them to his genetic lab, where he creates evil clones of them.