The Gillespie House

The Gillespie House

The Gillespie House is a house that was the home of Alessa and Dahlia Gillespie. It one of the main locations in the Silent Hill Series, mainly; Silent Hill, and Silent Hill: Origins. It used to be located in Central Silent Hill's Business District of the ghost town of Silent Hill before it was utterly consumed by flames year ago.


Silent Hill

The house first appears in Silent Hill. During the intro sequence of the game, the house can be seen before the burning in Silent Hill: Origins.

During the flashback in Nowhere, Harry Mason also enters the house.

Silent Hill: Origins

Gillespie House

The burning of the Gillespie residence as discovered by Travis Grady in Silent Hill: Origins.

The house is prominently featured in the introductory sequence of Silent Hill: Origins, whereupon protagonist Travis Grady comes upon the burning house and storms in to rescue Alessa. The floor gives away and Travis manages to get out of the house with Alessa's charred yet living body. Dahlia, initially spotted by Travis, watches from afar. Travis then collapses outside the house to wake up in Silent Hill. As revealed within the game, as well as sequels Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3, the burning of the house was an attempt by Dahlia and the Order to sacrifice the 7-year-old Alessa and nurture the God growing within her. Because Travis interferes, Alessa's soul splits in half and the seed within lies dormant for seven years.



  • The design of the Gillespie house may have been inspired by Andrew Wyeth's 1948 painting "Christina's World". The house in the painting is based on the Olson House, which is located in Maine. Coincidentally, the town of Silent Hill is also located in Maine.
  • The same painting has also been featured in the Silent Hill film.
  • Inside the house is a painting of Pyramid Head.
  • Despite supposedly being located in the Business District, the intro of Silent Hill and the beginning of Silent Hill: Origins depict the Gillespie household as located in a relatively remote site of Silent Hill, close to the town's entrance.