The Gloomy Gulch is a small but very spooky ravine located at the Crocodile Isle just beyond the Krazy Kremland outside its territory and one of the many known locations in the Donkey Kong universe.

As its name suggests, this wilderness is dark and creepy and isolated, filled with dead trees and endless fog. It is inhabited by an array of ghosts such as Kloaks and Kackles as well as living Kremlings such as Klomps. Within these woods are a small Zinger Hive where , and a mansion-like library (often called the "Haunted Hall"). Since this place is really high up, there are strong winds strong enough to blow such unwary gravelers around.

Diddy and Dixie Kong traversed and braved the horrors and dangers of Gloomy Gulch before entering a crow's nest (sometimes called "crow next" by some) at the end of this forest which landed them both in a battle with Kreepy Krow whom they defeated before they move forward onto the castle at the top of Crocodile Isle.



  • Gloomy Gulch appears in Donkey Land 2.
    • Klubba's Kiosk is located on the left side of Gloomy Gulch on the game's overworld map.
  • Krazy Koaster replaces the Haunted Hall as the second level of Gloomy Gulch in Donkey Kong Land 2. It serves as a more generic rollercoaster stage teeming with Zingers and its setting is at an amusement park.
    • This happened because of the Game Boy's graphical limitations and being unable to support the sprites for Kackle.

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