The DT-070 Glow Squid

The DT-070 Glow Squid

The DT-070 Glow Squid is the final boss of Battle Garegga. Glow Squid is actually a failsafe emergency escape unit for the King Crimson escape vessel, ejecting from King Crimson to provide an escape for it's passengers in case it is critically damaged in battle. Glow Squid too has it's own smaller escape unit, as it's cockpit detaches from the main unit.

Fought right after defeating the Black Heart MK-II and King Crimson, Glow Squid has a big arsenal under it's disposal, including machine-guns, flamethrowers and explosive mines. After it's initial defeat it detaches the cockpit, which continues the fight, moving all around the place while shooting.

Glow Squid reappears again as a hidden boss in Armed Police Batrider, fought randomly in the Zenovia City stage if you're playing with any of the Wayne brothers.


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