Gnasty Gnorc's Staff is an enchanted mace imbued with black magic and it is the signature weapon of the brutish Gnorcs named Gnasty Gnorc. This item first appeared in Spyro the Dragon and it is one of the many recurring objects in the Spyro the Dragon universe. It is also called "Gnasty Gnorc's Club" and "Gnasty Gnorc's Mace".


It is a tall brown mace with spikes on it.

Powers and Abilities

Gnasty Gnorc's trusted Staff possesses tremendous magic to cast many spells including turning Dragons into crystal statues and transforming ordinary Gems into living Gnorc warriors.

In Spyro the Dragon, the staff can shoot magical energy blasts. But when his opponent gets too close, Gnasty just plummets them with his staff like a mere club.

In Spyro: A Hero's Tail, his Staff becomes a lightning staff. It is later revealed that a fairy with lightning abilities had been imprisoned inside the staff, and forced to do Gnasty's dirty work.


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