The Goblin Scepter (also sometimes spelled as the "Goblin Sceptre") is a magic royal scepter belongs to the Goblin King. When its goblin magic combined with fairy magic, it can give the possessor the power to control Halloween as well as can do anything it's wielder wishes. It was once used by Krudsky and Scooby Doo for a short time.



Powers and Abilities

The Goblin Scepter possesses extraordinary, and yet dangerous, magical abilities. It has the power to change people and machines into monsters. It can also open a portal to the Halloween world and erase memories. When it is held, it can give the wielder

  • Energy Beams: Shoots green energy blasts.
  • Teleportation: It can teleport anyone anywhere.
  • Portal Creation: It can open a portal to the Spirit World.
  • Transformation: Can turn any living human into animal or monster
  • Animation: Can bring objects or vehicles to life.
  • Memory Wimp: Can erase memories.

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