The Gojufus (in Japanese: ゴジュファス, Gojufasu) are magic talismans used in the art of dark magic and they have been aquired as weapons by Hiruko Ubusuna, the main antagonist of the 2002 videogame remake Shinobi.

The sorcerer, Hiruko used the Gojufu to harness his magic and to summon Hellspawn upon mordern day Tokyo.

The Gojufu are also used to place victims under the control of any spellcaster who possessed them. In this case, Hiroku used them to possesses the murdered members of the Oboro Clan in the final part of his plan of revenge against them.

The gojufu recieves their power from the Yin as well as from the netherworld.

Types of Gojufu Talismans

There are 4 different types of Gojufu talismans with certain powers:

  • 人層府Jinsou: Manipulates the corpses of the Genin (ranked ninjas) of the Oboro Clan or the Oboro Clan's ninja dogs.
  • 結界府Kekkai Fu: Distorts space to seal off areas.
  • '召喚府Shoukan Fu: Summons Hellspawn from the dark side of the universe.
  • 僧兵府Souhei Fu: Turns mechanical objects into Hellspawn.


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