You may kiss the Golden Nose of Robotnik and recite the oath.
~ Grand Chief Whip to all new recruits about the Golden Nose of Robotnik as part of D.R.A.T.'s initiation ceremony.

The Golden Nose, also known as the Golden Nose of Robotnik, is a piece of solid gold jewellery shaped to look like Doctor Robotnik's iconic but not-so well liked nose and moustache. Worn by Dr. Robotnik's fanatical "supporter" Grand Chief Whip as a badge of office, the Golden Nose itself is an important part of the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe's initiation ceremony as well as the revered symbol of the cult. New recruits must kiss the nose after standing one-footed in a bucket of custard.

The Golden Nose appeared around Grand Chief Whip's neck in all his subsequent appearances. Another one was seen on display on the Death Carrier, along with several other curious artifacts.


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