But to make doubly sure you do not fail... bring back her heart in this.
~ The Evil Queen presenting the Heart Box to Humbert the Huntsman.

The Heart Box is a small jeweled box that appeared in the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It belonged to the evil Queen Grimhilde.

Queen Grimhilde gave the Heart Box to Humbert the Huntsman to put Snow White's heart in after he kills her. But the Hunstman cannot go through with this evil task so he instead spares her life and urges the kind princess to flee into the forest to escape the Queen's wrath. The Huntsman then puts the heart of a pig inside the box instead to fool the Queen. When she finds out from the Magic Mirror that she is holding the wrong heart, she is furious and storms into her secret laboratory among the dungeons inside her Castle, and tosses the box to the floor.


The Heart Box is a painted red hope chest with the golden latch resembling a conventional heart symbol with a gold dagger with embedded green jewels on it piercing the heart.



  • In the film Descendants, Evie, the Evil Queen's daughter, carries a bag/box that resembles the Heart Box.
  • In The 7D episode "Mirror, Mirror", the box can be seen on a chest of draws within the bedroom of the Gloom's House.
  • In the Descendants: Wicked World episode "Voodoo? You Do", the box can be seen among the items displayed in the shop that Mal, Evie, Ben and Audrey venture into.