The Hellhole

The Hellhole

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The Hellhole is a dangerous supernatural vortex that leads directly to the realm of Hell and a plot element in the videogame Spawn: Armageddon. It has also the power to create multiple lesser Hellholes allow more demons to cross over and invade, and if the Hellholes remains opened, the results would be catastrophic.

The Hellhole first emerged within New York City's Central Park due to a green beam of incandescent energy fired by the mysterious Angel Space Station's laser cannon. This was the Angels' first attempt to destroy Hell once and for all with this, as well as a declared act of war by the Angels against the demonic forces of Hell to allow the biblical Armageddon to begin.

Spawn defeated the Redeemer's Metatron form and reverses the ship's firing system to close the main Hellhole before the entire Angel Space Station explodes.


  • Hellhole

    The Hellhole

    It's name comes from the word with it's 2 well-known definitions:
    • A hellhole is another name for the hellmouth, a doorway to hell.
    • A hellhole can be described as a (dirty or unpleasent) place of extreme torment and/or unbearable misery.
  • It has the same name as the fictional planet Hellhole in the eponymous Hellhole science fiction trilogy by New York Times best selling authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

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