The Highbreed Pulse Generator

The Highbreed Pulse Generator

The Highbreed Pulse Generator is a DNA machine created by the Highbreed and used by the Forever Knights.


Physically, the Highbreed Pulse Generator looks like a miniature version of the Highbreed Weather Array in Ben 10:Alien Force. It is purplish blue in color with circled platelets on each side.


Highbreed Pulse Generator

The Highbreed Pulse Generator now used by Forever King Joseph Chadwick as part of the Forever Knights' dangerous schemes.

The Highbreed Pulse Generator can only be used if an enough supply of DNA samples is encoded into it. The Highbreed and the Forever Knights used it to destroy alien species, although it can also alter DNA through reprogramming.


The Highbreed Pulse Generator only appeared in the episode Return to Forever of Ben 10: Omniverse. The Forever Knights were collecting DNA samples in Undertown and uploading it to the Highbreed Pulse Generator with the intent of mass murduring all the aliens on Earth. They also added some of the Omnitrix aliens including Echo Echo, Amphibian, Swampfire, Humoungousaure, Rath and Armidrillo. After the Forever Knights were defeated by Ben Rook and Jimmy Jones, Jury Rigg reprogrammed the Highbreed Pulse Generator to instead turn Will Harangue into an alien as payback for all the media he made against Ben.

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