Honey's Cookies

Honey's Cookies.

Honey's Cookies are homemade cookies made by Honey Buttowski which are introduced in "Crumbs!". Though this food may never intended for any nefarious intentions, the food's delicious taste proved to having unwanted effect as it's taste proved great enough for render Harold insane and make any attempts to eat them all, not even left a single bit.


Honey's cookies are said to taste so good that no one can eat just one. In the past, whenever she tried to make a batch for her shuffleboard game, Harold would go crazy and try to eat them. It's also been revealed that no one has ever successfully protected the cookies from him.

Signs of Obsessive Desire

Savage Harold

The signs of Harold's obsessive desire for Honey's Cookies.

When Harold desires Honey's cookies, his pupils turn blood red, he begins to talk evily (just like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings) and he becomes savage. His face in this state slightly resembles the famous Troll Face.

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