The Human Experimentation

Human Experimentation

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Human Experimentation is one of several legends surrounding the "Deep Web", a real section of the internet often used in illegal activities : the stories of the Deep Web however tend to be very similar to creepypastas and urban legends due to the influence of sites like 4chan and reddit, who pass along these stories and often alter them for comedic or horrific effects.

Human Experimentation is said to be a website detailing a society of mad scientists that capture people and force them into deadly experiments designed to see how much pain a human can withstand before death : the stories claim the website details the victims ranging from homeless to infants, like many Deep Web sites it is considered partially true but has been exaggerated over time and taken on a bogeyman status online.

See Also

  • Mariana's Web (The supposed "darkest section of the Deep Web" and believed by some to be a near-Satanic area of the web concerned with absolute evil : considered mostly a legend.)
  • Deep Web Conspiracy (A conspiracy theory that the US Government is in charge of the deep web and knows all the crimes going on but keeps it running to ensure a balance between "good" and "evil" in the world.)
  • Real Life Dolls (A supposed website similar to Human Experimentation, believed to be a hoax.)

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