The Human Extinction Attack

The Human Extinction Attack

The Human Extinction Attack was one of Super Buu's most infamous and powerful abilities shown during Dragon Ball Z - the ability is, as the name suggests, apocalyptic in scale and comprised of Super Buu manifesting billions of energy beams that sought out every human on Earth and mercilessly murdered them : the blasts were commanded by Super Buu via some kind of telekinesis as he was able to guide them much like missiles and was also able to spare Hercule and Bee (due to the influence of Good Buu).

The attack was one of the most devastating moves in Dragon Ball Z and greatly shocked even veteran warriors, it was one of the first real steps towards unleashing the horrors of Kid Buu and showed that Buu, unlike many Dragon Ball Z villains before him, did not care about wasting time and was completely willing to wipe out an entire planet on a whim.

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