The Huntstaff

The Huntstaff

The Huntstaff is a weapon featured in the television show American Dragon: Jake Long. It is The Huntman's primary weapon. Like everything else, the appearance of the Huntstaff changes from season one to season two. The staff is recognized by its futuristic appearance and the plasma balls that shoot from it.


In Season One, the staff appears to be made of metal with a green gem on it and sharp tooth-like points on its end, which form its blade.

On Season Two, the staff is the union of Chinese weapons with a futuristic look. It still possesses it's tooth-like points but it looks more like a spear.


The staff is capable of many things include:

  • Shoot plasma: it's primary attack. It is very powerful, capable of harm magical creatures.
  • Create a plasma shield: it is mostly used to block magical attacks.
  • Holograms: used for communication.
  • Teleport: a skillful properity, mostly used to escape.
  • Create a stream of water: somehow, the staff possess water on its interior.

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