The Huntstech


The Huntstech is futuristic weaponry used by the Huntsclan to fight the powers of magical creatures. They do possess other kinds of weapons like submarines, detonators and flying saucers this technology comprised of.

List of Huntstech


The Huntstaff is the main weapon of the Huntsclan, It can shoot plasma blasts and teleport members. It could also project holograms and simply to behead magical creatures. The Huntstaff is very powerful it can even the hurt Dark Dragon.

Flying Saucer

The flying scaucer is a alien-looking ship which the Huntsclan uses to travel around in. In reality it was certainly was responsible for the legend of alien abduction.

Magical Creature Tracking Computer

The computer can track any magical creature in the world. It's capable of tracking dragons, but only if they're in dragon form.

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