Hyper-Realism is a major plot tool in several Creepypastas. The term "Hyper-realism" refers to applying realistic substances to an otherwise fictional form of media. The most common form of hyper-realism that is used in most Creepypastas is hyper-realistic blood or hyper-realistic eyes. For example, the infamous "lost" episode, Squidward's Suicide, heavily employs hyper-realistic eyes into its plot. The audience at Squidward's clarinet recital were all sporting hyper-realistic eyes, and Squidward himself also had a pair of realistic eyes before he committed suicide.

It should be noted, however, that the use of Hyper-Realism is greatly looked down upon by most readers, and it has essentially become a cliche to use this concept in a horror story. It's considered best to not use this concept when writing a Creepypasta.


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