The Hypno Orb

The Hypno Orb

The Hypno Orb is the boss of the penultimate 11th level "Clinger Winger" of the 1991 beat 'em up videogame Battletoads. This pink spiraling sphere will chase the toads through the walls of the Gargantua, killing them instantly if it catches up with them, forcing the player to restart the level from the beginning. Since the Hypno Orb is faster than the toad's clinger unicycles, the player must change the directional at every corner of the walls in order to accelerate.

After the wall track is over the actual battle starts. The Hypno Orb will bounce around attempting to smash the player and will also electrocute the toads if they get too close. Despite that, it is not particularly hard, as most of the frustration comes from the actual level. The level is infamous because of a glitch in the original version which rendered the two player game impossible, as the second player would never be able to move and thus always get killed by the Hypno Orb.


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