Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure - I'm Ginormous03:24

Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure - I'm Ginormous

"I'm Ginormous" is the villain song of Ginormous in Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure.


Now I'm a giant wonder
Who lives to loot and plunder
I turn on my schnozz-ola and the money up she rolls-a
I grossly gross your income when I growl fe-fi-fo-fum
When it comes to being bad
I'm Ginormous!
You hide your dimes and nickels
Silver gives my nose the tickles
I'll take all your treasure
Trust me, it's my pleasure
A piggy bank tormentor
Fairyland's one per center
When it comes to big and greedy
I'm Ginormous!

He plucked the tuffet from Miss Muffet
In his pocket he did stuff it

Screwy Squirrel:
When he needed a new slipper
Out went every nipper

He stole bones from Mother Hubbard
Shut us doggies in the cupboard
When it comes to big and nasty
He's disgustipatin', son!
Ginormous, here's your wake-up call
You're headed for a great big fall
So says the ancient prophecy
A hero will rise to set us free
Fine with me, Red! Bring him on!
One swat from me and bam! He's gone!
When it comes to big and brutal
I'm Ginormous!
So now you've got the breakdown
From the master of the shake-down
Pinching pennies from the needy
Being crass and cruel and greedy
Gross and crude and seedy
Not to mention rude and vile
I'm a rotten, evil deed-y

Cash me out! I'm comin' home!
When it comes to being bad
I'm Ginormous, baby!

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