Muppets Most Wanted - I'm Number One02:18

Muppets Most Wanted - I'm Number One

"I'm Number One" is a song sung by Constantine and Dominic Badguy from the film Muppets Most Wanted.


Constantine: I'm number one,

You're number two

We're crimminals at large

But I'm at larger than you

I'm number one,

You're number two

I believe in equality

As long as you get less than me!

I'm one,

Dominic: You're one

Constantine: You're number two

Dominic: I'm number two

Constantine: You may think that you're smarter,

But I'm smarter-er than you!

I'm number one!

You're number two!

You're lucky to be number two

Not number three!

I can see by the look in your eye 

You want to get the bigger piece of the pie

One day, you'll get your chance 

But in the meantime, you've got to dance monkey dance!

Dominic: Really? I hate dancing.

Constantine: Do it!

Dance monkey dance!

Ha Ha!

Dominic: I'm number two

He's number one

I can't believe I'm working for an amphibian

I'm number two

He's number one

Constantine: I'm number one!

Dominic: You know life's gone to the dogs when your boss is a frog!

I can see it's just a matter of time before he's gone

And I'm at the front of the line!

It won't be long 'til I get my chance

But in the meantime, I've got to dance monkey dance

Constantine: Dance monkey dance!

Now, watch me!

I'm number one!

Dominic: He's number one!

Constantine: You're number two!

Dominic: I'm number two!

Constantine: That's it, kid, there you go

Now step aside, this ain't your show!

I'm one

Dominic: I'm one

Constantine: I'm number one!

Dominic: Yes, we know!

Constantine (Dominic): I'm (He's) number one!

Constantine: That's how it's done!

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