Teacher's Pet OST Track 06 - I, Ivan Krank

Teacher's Pet OST Track 06 - I, Ivan Krank

"I, Ivan Krank" is a song sung by Dr. Ivan Krank from Teacher's Pet: The Movie


I was born with a brain,
That could not be contained
So they tortured and teased me,
And called me insane
It was bad, very bad,
Even mom called me mad!
Any child would go wild from the pain!

Crazed with rage and defiance,
I turned my cerebelum to science
I tinkered and toiled,
My beakers all boiled,
And I built this amazing appliance!

Now the whole world will see the genius in me,
As I stand on the shoulders of giants!

I am I, Ivan Krank
Just a man way ahead of his time
Allow me to be frank
I'm much hipper than old Dr. Frankenstein

And I, Ivan Krank,
And you may call me wacko or weird

But you'll have me to thank,
With this pup that you neared
No longer wet-nosed, waggy tail or dog eared,
He'll be human, like you, man, the world will all cheer
For the genius, which is I, Ivan Krank!