The Idol of Doom is a magical statue owned and an item featured in the animated series Talespin.


The idol is a golden llama statuette.


The idol was created years ago by an evil sorcerer as a powerful weapon. He used it to terrorize the people of the Mexican village. but they rose and stole the idol from him. However they could not destroy it so they sealed away in a secret temple. It was said the only the Great Llama could destroy the statue once and for all.

Powers and Abilites

The idol has the powers of electricity. It shoots powerful destructive blue lighting blast. To activate it, the holder must say Idol of Doom, storm and fire....say their command in rhyme and it shoots lighting at whatever user aiming it at. It can't be destroy physical means as it zaps Baloo when he tried break it with a jack hammer. The idol is also sentient as it knows who's the chosen one. Baloo tried to deep six it, but it rose out and flew right back to him because he really was the Great Llama.