Ilia's Weapon is the personal weapon of Ilia Amitola from the American web cartoon series RWBY.


The origins of Ilia's Weapon are unknown, but they are assumed to have been sold to or built by Ilia before or during her time in the White Fang.

Volume 4

Ill uses her weapon against Sun to battle with him. She used the whip to electrocute Sun and badly injure him.

Powers and Abilities

The weapon is a whip that can extend. The whip can easily slice through metal. Illa can store lighting dust inside two chambers near the handle and use it's power.


The weapon is a grey metallic whip with a black handle. When powered up the whip show yellow marks on both sides.


  • The name "Ilia's Weapon" is unofficial, as the actual names of the weapon has not been released yet.