The Inators were plans and devices created by Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz as a means of dominating and taking over the Tri-State Area. These items were typically grandiose in scope, involving a complicated solution instead of applying a simpler, more practical method. For example, inventing a "wood magnet" when dynamite would be more effective and faster.

The motivation behind their development was typically a need to exact revenge for an unpleasant incident in Doofenshmirtz's life, or to resolve a situation that annoys him. An example of the latter was the plan to transport Big Ben from London to Danville instead of buying a larger clock because shopping for a clock would be too much of a hassle.

Though the names given to the inventions tended to end in "-inator", so far he had made 23 inventions lacking the "-inator" suffix. It is unknown how he could afford to build all his inventions, though he did mention that he gets a large alimony check every month by his ex-wife, Charlene Doofenshmirtz.

Most of his inators backfired at Phineas and Ferb's work, destroying it or infecting it, leaving Candace without any evidence to bust the boys. One invention called the "Shrink-inator", which he always forgot to unplug, had done away with the boys' work more than once. However, a few were quite successful in nature, such as the time when Doofenshmirtz succeeded in stealing the Key to the City, opening a portal to alternate dimensions, moving the Earth the away from the Sun to an early autumn, and building a Tri-Governor's Mansion on top of City Hall to become Tri-Governor.

When Doofenshmirtz was defeated by Perry the Platypus, it was not always known how he returned to normal, as he would frequently find himself in impossible situations. At one time he significantly aged himself. He had wound up in outer space several times, in another dimension, miniaturized and wrapped up in a small box, stuck inside a whale or betrayed by an assistant/friend.

Within the series

Season 1

Episode Inator(s) Scheme Failure/Destruction
"Rollercoaster" Magnetism Magnifier
He planned to reverse the rotation of the Earth by covering the eastern seaboard in tin foil and using a giant magnet (and his Magnetism Magnifier) to pull it west. When Dr. Doofenshmirtz used his Magnetism Magnifier, his plan succeeded. He and Perry worked together when the tin foil was blown towards them. Perry used a nearby helicopter to dodge the ball at the last second, failing to save Doof from getting crushed.
"Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror" Destruct-inator
Because of humiliation back in his childhood years, Dr. Doofenshmirtz gathered all the lawn gnomes in the Tri-State Area and planned to destroy them. Perry kicked Doof into the lever, shooting all gnomes onto Phineas and Ferb's beach.
"Flop Starz" Giant Robot
Building robot
He built a giant robot in an attempt to take over the Tri-State Area.

After escaping robotic arms by blowing pepper, Perry caused the robot to sneeze them out. Soon, the robot accidently stepped on Doof.

"The Fast and the Phineas" Deflate-inator Ray
Images (36)
He created a ray to deflate every inflatable in the Tri-State Area, but had the poor foresight to mount the machine in his blimp. After using it on a mirror, Doofenshmirtz hit his own blimp.
"Lights, Candace, Action!" Age Accelerator-inator
Age Accelerator-inator
He speeded up the aging of his family's special cheese. Perry angered Doofenshmirtz, tricking him into turning the invention to the highest level. The invention blew up after Perry protected himself. He made Doof jealous, causing him to rip off his clothes.
"Raging Bully" Slave-inator
He hypnotized everyone into doing whatever he told them to do, especially help him celebrate his birthday. There was also a "Clean Up Party Mess" button. Perry was cornered when Doof was about to spill ice cream on him. It hit Phineas during a thumb war with Buford. However, it was caused when Perry called a whale who took away the ice cream.
"Candace Loses Her Head" Drill-inator
He planned to dig to China and build a toll road to be rich. After Perry drilled under the glass wall into the Drill-Inator, they were chased by lava from the center of the earth. Perry escaped. Doof did, too, but he landed on a geyser. The geyser sent him flying.
"I, Brobot" Giant Magnet
Plans for the mobile magnet
He tried to erase all of the embarrassing messages he left on his girlfriend's answering machine. Perry stopped Doofenshmirtz's crane, so he was about to suck Perry until Santa Claus picked up the magnet. (Someone's getting on the naughty list).
"Run Away Runway" Copy-inator
Copy and Paste-inator - cropped
He created copies of himself to do all of his waiting in lines for him. An ugly copy escaped the gabage can, causing Doofenshmirtz to delete him. He pressed the wrong button. The ugly duplicate disappeared, along with the others.
"The Magnificent Few" Termite Controlling Helmet
Termite Controlling Helmet
He planned to use brain-controlled termites to destroy all the wood in the Tri-State Area so he could sell aluminum siding. After they escaped the self-destructed lair, Perry reversed the helmet. The termites controled themselves, and they started to devour Doof and a rollercoaster.
"S'Winter" Melt-inator 6-5000
Melt-inator 6-5000
He planned to increase his popularity by melting all the chocolate in the Tri-State Area and re-shaping it in his own image...albeit with a less-pointy nose. When plugging it in, he erased all power in Danville.
"Are You My Mummy?" Wood-inator
Woodenator - cropped
Containment ray - cropped
He took the wood away from a beaver dam to raise the sea level, so he could have beach-front property. He also created a gun that fires bubbles of "pure evil." The rivals fought over the Coition-Inator, accidently using the Woodenator to destroy the dam. The rivals got trapped in the same bubble. After using Doof's nose to pop the bubble, Perry escaped and water wiped Doofenshmirtz into a sewage pipe leading to the ocean.
"I Scream, You Scream" Space Laser-inator
Space Laser-inator - cropped
Ice Cream Sundae Maker
Ice Cream Sundae Maker - cropped
He tried to create a space-laser-inator but ended up making a sundae machine instead. Vanessa and Ferb accidently switched blueprints.
"Jerk De Soleil" Voice-inator
He created a device that made everybody's voice higher, making his seem lower by comparison. After stealing the boys' tent, the Voice-Inator blew Doofenshmirtz away and made his voice higher than it was when he was a kid.
"Toy to the World" Brick Wall Around the Tri-State Area
Brick wall scale model
He tried to build a Great Wall around the Tri-State Area and make people pay to get in or out. Perry chased Doof into a trapdoor, and he got locked in a crate of Perry Inaction Figures. He was sent on a cruise boat, and got seasick.
"Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!" Date
It was his week off, so he arranged a date with a girl he met online. Perry was asked to pose as a mindless pet so the date didn't find out he had a nemesis. His date mistaked him for Bigfoot and knocked him off the ledge with her purse.
"It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" Monster Truck Away-inator
Monster Truck Away-inator
Chinese Platypus Trap Disguised as a Monster Truck Locate-inator
Monster Truck Locat-i-nator fake
Real Monster Truck Locate-inator
Monster Truck Locat-i-nator real
Line of Monster Trucks
Monster trucks
He planned to destroy all the monster trucks in the Tri-State Area so he could replace them with his own line of monster trucks. He also created a machine to locate monster trucks. Perry sneaked into the truck. He switched the dial so Doofenshmirtz, the evil investors, and the Doof monster truck disappeared into another dimension where an alien ate them.
"Mom's Birthday" Shrink Spheria
Shrinkspheria - widescreen
He created a machine that would make everything he hated shrink until it couldn't be seen. Also, he bought wax robots of former Presidents Washington and Lincoln and reprograms them as security guards. The melted robots stepped on the Shrinkspheria, falling into it as it exploded.
"Journey to the Center of Candace" Make-Up-Your-Mind-inator
Make Up Your Mind-inator
Any Flat Surface Magnet Belt
Any Flat Surface Magnet belt
He wanted to destroy anybody that couldn't make up their mind. He also tried to mix up the routine a little, by telling Perry the Platypus his plan before capturing him. They mixed things up a bit. Doofenshmirtz got trapped, and got shrunken into a sandwich. Candace was about to eat him, but Pinky beated her to it.
"It's About Time!" Freez-inator
The Dr. Feelbetter Show
Dr Feelbetter
He made Perry the Platypus jealous by replacing him with Peter the Panda. Later they ended up on "Dr. Feelbetter" and he revealed that it was a plan to get all the super-secret agents together and freeze them for a giant chess board. The agents were freed, and they defeated all evil scientists.
"Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" World's Largest Firecracker
Giant firecracker perry
He planned a Sweet 16 party for his daughter, Vanessa, and tied Perry the Platypus to a giant firecracker for the finale. Also, he tried to hit Perry the Platypus with his ray gun, but destroyed the party in the process. Perry tied Doofenshmirtz's hand to the bow. When it shot off, Doofenshmirtz flied away.
"Tree to Get Ready" Poop-inator
He planned to ruin his brother's key-to-the-city ceremony by hypnotizing pigeons to defecate on him. Perry turned the pigeons against Doof, causing them to go to the bathroom on him in the elevator. He turned gooey during the end credits while at the same time exiting the elevator.
"The Ballad of Badbeard" The Crocodiles, Susan and Susan
He was moving into his new lair. However, he had two crocodiles and a trap ready for Perry the Platypus. Candace accidently self-destructed the lair. While the crocodiles tried to eat Doofenshmirtz, they blowed up.
"Greece Lightning" Norm the Giant Killer Robot Man
He created a giant robot man, due to the fact that the platypus population is dropping because of humans. Doofenshmirtz switched Norm on. Afterwards, Norm mistaked Doof for a platypus and chased him.
"Leave the Busting to Us!" Gloom-inator 3000-inator
Gloom-inator 3000-inator - cropped
Magic Career (flashback)
Early magic career - cropped
He tried to create a new Ice Age with weather pellets and a launching machine, but ended up creating a tornado that destroyed his lair and much of the Tri-State Area. It was also revealed that Doofenshmirtz was interested in magic during his youth. Perry stopped, and Doof got away but was soon sucked into a tornado.
"Crack That Whip" Bread-inator
He planned to destroy the statue of Rutherford B. Hayes, the President with the best beard of them all. The plan arose because Doofenshmirtz was jealous of people who could grow facial hair and he couldn't. A mirror messed it up. At that time Doofenshmirtz also had a headache so he just turned it on and let Perry turn it off to save time so he could take a nap.
"The Best Lazy Day Ever" Ugly-inator
Slow Motion-inator
He planned to make everyone else ugly, due to his self-image problems. He also created the Slow-Motion-inator to slow down Perry the Platypus, so Perry couldn't stop him. Perry switched the frog with an autograph picture of Vance Ward. Perry switched everything blasted by the Ugly-Inator, except for Doof (who was offended by the machine and called ugly), his chair, and his television.
"Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C." Sandwich-Suit-Remove-inator
Sandwich Suit Remove-inator
He planned to destroy all sandwich suits in the Tri-State Area with his Sandwich Suit Remove-inator. The Sandwich-Suit-Remove-Inator, crashed causing Doofenshmirtz to fall with a sandwich suit on. He landed near a caveman, who chased Doof down.
"Voyage to the Bottom of Buford" Media-Erase-inator
Media Erase-inator
After accidentally catching a falling kitten, people thought he was turned to the good side, so he tried to use his Media Erase-inator to erase the image of his unintentional rescue. It explodes.
"A Hard Day's Knight" Giant Robot Fight
Convention robots
He went to Evil-Con in London, where Perry the Platypus was in disguise as Dr. Lloyd Wexler. He piloted a giant Queen Elizabeth I robot but it was not created by him. Doofenshmirtz pressed the self-destruct button and the eject button.
"Traffic Cam Caper" Norm the Robot
He didn't really have one, since this episode took place during the middle of the night, but he let Perry the Platypus borrow his old robot, Norm. Norm became good, but was fired.
"Bowl-R-Ama Drama" Giant Robotic Penguin Icy Freeze Your Socks Off Breath-inator
Robot penguin
He planned to freeze the Tri-State Area with his giant robotic penguins, after which he would sell organic, yet highly-addictive Doof Brand hot chocolate for a million dollars. Phineas and Ferb's bowling ball crushed the penguins.
"Ready for the Bettys" 2nd Destruct-inator
Destruct-inator 2 - cropped
He built a destructo-ray, but didn't end up doing much with it, as Perry the Platypus locked him in the mop closet to keep Phineas and Ferb safe. Perry easily locked Doofenshmirtz in the mop closet to save Phineas and Ferb. He also pushed the Destruct-Inator off a cliff.
"The Flying Fishmonger" Now Who's Blinded by Sand-inator or Who's Crying Now-inator
Sand-kicking machine
He planned to kick sand all over the house of his old bully. The wind blowed the sand on Doofenshmirtz.
"Put That Putter Away" Leaf Blower-inator
Leaf Blower-inator
He used a giant leaf blower to blow leaves on his neighbor's yard. Maybe, the blower blowed Doofenshmirtz away.
"Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?" Stealing Slushy the Clown Statues
Slushy the Clown
He stole all the Tri-State Area's Mr. Slushy Burger statues and tried to write a new jingle for the franchise. Perry returned the statues.
"Got Game?" Misbehave-inator
He ruined the Danville Dog Show. Perry stole the Misbehave-Inator.
"Comet Kermillian" Steak Specs
Steak Specs
Steak Containment Unit (S.C.U.)
Steak Containment Unit
Giant Heat Ray
Giant Heat Ray
He stole all the steaks in the Tri-State Area and planned to turn them into eyeglasses for use on black eyes. He also built a computer controlled heat ray. Perry hacked into the heat ray.
"The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein" Concoction Brewinator
Concoction Brewinator
None, but he told Perry the Platypus about his great grandfather, Dr. Jekyll Doofenshmirtz, and his efforts to be a certified mad scientist. The platypus monster ate Dr. Jekyll when he became a fairy princess.
"Oil on Candace" Impressing Dr. Gevaarlijk
He tried to impress his evil science professor with some of his inventions. When all of his inventions failed, he resorted to making up inventions such as the "Blender-inator" he made out of his blender. He then tried to blow up the moon and rid the world of songs about moons, which Dr. Gevaarlijk always hated. However he accidentally hit a dam instead. She claimed she likes "a good toe tapping dam song". All his inventions failed him.
"One Good Scare Ought to Do It!" Disintevaporater
He tried to destroy the lair of his old Evil Science mentor, Professor Kevin Destructicon, as was requested of him. Perry sneaked it into Doof's blimp, but was ends up disinevaporating the boys' haunted house.
"Out of Toon" Dance-inator
Dance Machine
He inadvertently created a ray that harnessed the power of dance. He was actually trying to make an instant clothes-dryer. The Dance-Inator was danced off a cliff, so Perry became the first one to stop evil while dancing.
"Hail Doofania!" Doofania
He created his own floating evil empire, Doofania. The innertube belowed Doofania popped, sinking Doofania.
"Out to Launch" Space Station
Doofenshmirtz Space Station
He sought revenge on his childhood rival, Huge Hands Hans, by using a giant space-bound robot to make shadow puppets on the moon. A meteor shower crushed the station.
"Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!" Giant Robot Spider-inator
He appeared fighting Perry atop a giant robotic spider. Why or how he built it is unknown. Since this was Perry's dream, it is unknown whether he actually built it or not. Perry's cover was blown. Doof was easily defeated.
"Unfair Science Fair" Giant Baking Soda Volcano
Heinz unveils his volcano
He built a giant baking soda volcano to enter in the science fair because he always lost the science fair to one in his childhood and through teen years. Called World's Largest Baking-Soda Volcano-inator in DVD extras. The portal to Mars sucked him onto Mars.
"Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)" 1st-inator
He hadn't finished his baking soda volcano yet, but did fire his very first "inator" that he entered in his first science fair, which just shot a laser beam into outer space. Due to Doof never planning to use it, Perry didn't destroy it.

Season 2

Episode Inator(s) Scheme Failure/Destruction
"The Lake Nose Monster" Doofenshmirtz's Submarine
Zinc processing machine
He planned to steal all the zinc from Lake Nose and use it in some evil way that he hasn't figured out yet. It crashed into a trench and the engine failed.
"Interview With a Platypus" B.O.A.T. (Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport)
He planned to flood the streets so that everyone would have to buy and use his BOAT (Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport) in order to get around. Perry thwarted this by opening the M.O.A.T. (Metropolitan Oval Aquatic Trench), which surrounded Danville and brought the water around the Tri-State area.
"Tip of the Day" Universal Delete Button
Universal Delete Button
Read My Mind-inator
Read My Mind-inator
Delete From My Mind-inator
Doofenshmirtz activates the Delete-From-My-Mind-inator
He used Perry's Universal Delete Button to combine with his Thought Projection Helmet to erase everyone's mind of an embarrassing video they found of him. Dr. Doofenshmirtz was thinking about aglets when he pushed the button to activate the Delete From My Mind-Inator then destroyed it by throwing it to the floor.
"Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" Smell-inator
He planned to get rid of the people at the mid-summer festival by putting a liquid that smelled like dirty diapers into his Smell-inator, thus getting everyone to leave because of the smell. Doof, not realizing it, accidently put in a growth formula, and a hit against the machine causes it to enlarge the entire universe.
"Backyard Aquarium" Hot Dog Vendor Revenge-inator
Hot Dog Vendor Revenge-Inator
Platypus Secret Agent Arrival In Order to Foil My Evil Plot Capture-inator
Platypus Secret Agent Arrival In Order To Foil My Evil Plot Capture-Inator
He planned to freeze the water that hot dog venders use to cook hot dogs so that he could sell his bratwurst. The machine's shot missed its original target, and was destroyed in a wave of bratwurst.
"Day of the Living Gelatin" Turn Everything Evil-inator and Gelatin Monster
Gelatin monster reports to Doof
He used a ray that can turn anything, starting with Perry the Platypus, into his evil minion. After missing Agent P, Doof called the stuff he hit, a toothbrush soap, and a gelatin monster. Agent P used the sprinklers to melt the Gelatin Monster and short out the Turn Everything Evil-Inator.
"Elementary My Dear Stacy" Launching Big Ben to Danville
Big Ben next to DEI
He planned to launch Big Ben to Danville so that he could tell what time it is because his watch was too small. Perry escaped the trap then climb to the top of Big Ben and kicked Dr. Doofenshmirtz off Big Ben and deactivated the launch.
"Don't Even Blink" The Invis-inator
Behold, my Invis-inator
He created an invisibility/disintegration ray to turn the Fireside Girls invisible when they tried to sell him cupcakes. After Doofenshmirtz turned it into a Disintegrator, Perry reoriented the machine so it destroyed its own control panel.
"Chez Platypus" The De-Love-inator Satellite
De-love-inator satellite
He launched a De-lovinator satellite into space to eliminate love from the Tri-State Area in case his date didn't go well. Since his date went well, he gave the remote to Perry, who destroyed it.
"Perry Lays an Egg" The Whale Translator-inator
The Whale traslator inator
Learning Whale Song
Doof whale
Doofenshmirtz teached himself whale song so he could insult some whales as revenge for stealing a girlfriend of his, thanks to Doof's Whale Translator-Inator The plan succeeded, but Agent P got bored with the pitiful scheme and left, forcing Doofenshmirtz to chase after him.
"Gaming the System" Ballgown-inator
Ball Gown-inator
He used the Ballgown-inator to make all the Tri-State Area more girly so he could be the manliest in comparison. After hitting a few unintentional shots, Doof hit himself with the machine, giving him a ballgown. Agent P then destroyed it.
"The Chronicles of Meap" Static Electro Amplif-inator
Static Electro Amplifinator
He planned to use his Static Electro Amplifinator to attract all the balloons in Tri-State Area so that he could find his chilhood balloon, Balloony. The sheer amount of balloons lifted the machine into the sky and crashed into Mitch's ship, where Balloony was located in.
"Thaddeus and Thor" Kick-inator 5000
Thaddeus and Thor (125)
He invented the Kick-inator 5000 to use at his family kickball tournament so he could win and get his mother's love. The inator succeeded in helping him pull the greatest kick, but the ball bounced from Phineas and Ferb's tower back to Roger, who then tagged Heinz out.
"De Plane! De Plane!" Evaporator-inator
He planned to use his "Greevil" Evaporator-inator to evaporate the water of public pools because his mother never let him swim in them. Dr. D missed his original target, but when he tried to hit his nemesis, his power source was blocked by the Boys' Plane.
"Let's Take a Quiz Scorch-inator
He invented the Scorch-inator because he developed an addiction to infomercials and he wanted to get rid of them by melting their station towers. Before Doof could activate the Inator, Perry escaped, and the two started fighting with items that Doof bought from infomercials.
"At the Car Wash" Mountain Out of a Molehill-inator
Mountain out of molehill-inator
He created the Mountain-out-of-a-molehill-inator because all his life he was told to not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Also, he used a Unstuck-inator to get the machine working.

Succeeded in making molehills grow into sizes of mountains, but the power grow into overload, and the unstuck-inator smashed the mountain-out-of-a-molehill-inator and a giant mole created by the device steps into the Unstuck-Inator.

"Oh, There You Are, Perry" Rocket Boots
Self-Destruct Button
Doofenshmirtz visited the Regurgitator after being downgraded to a low threat, accepted an internship with him, and invented unnamed rocket boots so the Regurgitator could reach some high up files, and a self destruction system for the lair. The Self-Destruct Button destroyed the entire base. Perry later used the Rocket Boots to transport himself and Doofenshmirtz out from the exploding lair.
"Swiss Family Phineas" Monkey Enslave-inator helmet
Monkey Slave-inator
Doofenshmirtz made the Monkey Enslav-inator helmet after he figured out what "Big Laundry" meant. He used the monkeys to do a laundry service in a volcano. Perry knocked off the Monkey Enslave-inator helmet, leading all the monkeys to rebel.
"Hide and Seek" Doofenshmirtz's Recycling 'Scheme'
Recycling scheme
Tracking Device
Attaching the tracking device
Camera Bot
Camera bot
Doofenshmirtz tried to figure out where Perry the Platypus lived by attaching a nanobot to him. Doof pretended to not recycle, but actually put a Tracking Device on Perry. When the platypus went home, the Tracker turned into a Camera Bot, but the shrunken kids defeated it and knocked off its eye, which Perry found and crushed. Later, thinking Perry had the Camera Bot, self destructed the rest of it.
"That Sinking Feeling Rockets on Danville Lighthouse
Rocket lighthouse in flight
Doofenshmirtz attached a rocket to the Danville lighthouse to fly it away from his evil incorporation because he was sleep-deprived. Not being able to control the rocket, the Lighthouse crashed into the middle of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc, leading the boats closer than before, much to his anger.
"The Baljeatles" Bum Bum-inator
Doofenshmirtz learnt about a mother's heartbeat soothing babies. So he sent his heart beat throughout the Tri-State Area to capture babies and make an army of babies. Perry escaped the Nanny-Inator, and made Doof's heart rate to pump too fast, causing the Bum Bum-Inator to explode.
"Vanessassary Roughness" Pizzazium Infinionite
Pizzazium Infinionite 1
Doofenshmirtz was after some Pizzazium Infinionite that he wanted to buy, and since it was taken by Buford and Baljeet (who was intending to use it for a science project), Vanessa volunteered to get it for Doof to prove that she was responsible enough to own a car. Candace and Stacy also wanted it to use as a lantern for Jeremy, whose birthday it was. Doofenshmirtz managed to find the capsule, but Perry knocked a security beam closer to Doofenshmirtz, so the security guards thought he stole the Pizzazium and arrested him, much to Vanessa's dismay.
"No More Bunny Business" Giant-Dog-Biscuit-inator Covered in Gravy
He made a Giant Dog Biscuit with rockets on it, and a coating of gravy that was irresistible to dogs, because the constant barking in a nearby apartment building that recently allowed pets inside was bugging him. He was going to use it to make the dogs go "over the edge of the Tri-State Area". Distracted so that he couldn't fire the Inator for long enough, dogs broke into Doof's building and ate the Giant-Dog-Biscuit-Inator covered in Gravy.
"Spa Day" Mr. Fluffypants
Heinz meets Fluffypants
Doofenshmirtz took in a lost kitten, that caused nothing but trouble. In the end, Doof was forced to do the right thing and gave Mr. Fluffypants back to his original owner.
"Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo" Emperor of the Tri-State Area
Emperor Doofenshmirtz and his statue
When the 35 year old Candace messed with time, Doofenshmirtz became Emperor of the Tri-State Area. When time was restored, Doof's reign of terror stopped from ever happening.
"Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown" Musical-Videoclip-inator and Musical-Video-Mind-Control-inator.
Music Video Clip-inator
You'll do what I say
The invention in action
Doofenshmirtz made a Musical-Videoclip-Inator, but actually was a Musical-Video-Mind-Control-Inator. Perry broke everyone out of their hypnosis by playing the #1 song, never before seen in an extended edition.
"Bubble Boys" Yodle-inator
Doof sings his country song
Doofenshmirtz created a cowboy hat to make his singing voice better, after which used it to sing to the public. Perry used a party blower to destroy the hat, in which changing his voice to normal.
"Cheer Up Candace" Plata-Proliferator-inator
Doofenshmirtz used the Plata-Proliferator-inator to create Perry clones to frame the original Perry, by making the clones commit crimes including: Kicking over a trashcan, robbing a Money truck, speeding while throwing the stolen money at the cops, and eating cereal (which Major Monogram explains isn't really a crime).  Perry hit the reverse button sucking all the Perrys and Doof back into the machine. Doof clogged the device causing it to explode.
"Fireside Girl Jamboree" Metal Destruct-inator
Doofenshmirtz created the Metal Destructinator to destroy the bridge connecting the Fireside Cupcake Factory to the Mainland, while in the process turning the metal into broccoli.  The metal Destruct-Inator was destroyed when Perry fired the ray on itself by twisting the tip around.
"The Bully Code" Retire-inator
Doofenshmirtz built two inventions but only used one of them: *The Retirinator - which Doofenshmirtz would use once he was in his "senior years". It was filled with crossword puzzles and a fat cat who would sit on his belly and warm him up. Other known objects on it was: a leg rest, a giant feather, fan, drink, popcorn, slippers, TV, and a chart of his 401k. *The Re-Tire-inator - this one which Doofenshmirtz used was built because of the Tootie McFruity truck running over his foot with the tire. After being trapped in a net, Perry escaped and knocked the tire off thus saving the truck, and in the process hurting Doofenshmirtz's good foot which set off a chain reaction between both his feet's pain.
"Finding Mary McGuffin" Cage-inator
Doofenshmirtz unknowingly bought a lobster cage opener, thinking that it did something evil. In reality, it just opened and closed the cage it came with. And since it wasn't anything evil, it didn't do anything evil.
"Picture This" Mime-inator
Doofenshmirtz tried to rid the world of Mimes by trapping them in invisible boxes. Perry warped the device to Phineas and Ferb's backyard then hit the self destruct button.
"Nerdy Dancin'" L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.
NerdyDancin - LOVEMUFFIN
Doofenshmirtz and his organization, the League Of Villainous Evildoers Maniacally United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness tried to make a debut in the public eye during a taping of "Let's All Dance Until We're Sick". The plan was foiled by the a combination of the members being eliminated by the judges, the villains' lack of dancing skills, and Perry's assistance from above.
"Atlantis" Evil Spray
Evil spray
Plant Minion
Plant minion
Doofenshmirtz raised an army of plant minions using an evil spray. Perry used a weed wacker to cut up the plants that went rogue and attacked Doof, Perry, and the blimp itself.
"What Do It Do?" Rocket Skiff and the Anti-Romance Robot, on the right
Rocket skiff
Doofenshmirtz built a rocket skiff with lots of traps and a robot that removed romance. Doofenshmirtz lost the Anti-Romance-Rocket, and was soon left trapped in his Rocket Skiff.
"Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" Naughty-inator
Doofenshmirtz built a Naughty-Inator to put Danville into Santa's naughty list, but did not know why or have a reason to, as he feelt indifferent towards Christmas. The machine succeeded for a while, but music from the Sal Tuscany (Santa Claus with a y) disc shattered the glass containers holding the naughty juices, destroying the inator. It was later revealed that Santa was the one who sent the plans of the Naughty-inator to Doofenshmirtz as part of his plan to grant Doof's wish to gain the ability to hate Christmas, much to Doof's delight.
"Just Passing Through" Be-gone-inator A
Be-gone-inator B
Be-gone-inator C
Bobblehead Perry the Platypus destroyed Be-gone-inator A and Doofenshmirtz purposefully destroyed Be-gone-inator B on purpose so he was even with Perry.
"Candace's Big Day" Junk Food-inator
Junk Foodinator
Doofenshmirtz built the Junk Food-inator in order to make all healthy food unhealthy, thus rendering the overweight citizens of Danville easy to control.

The giant ice scorpion from Phineas and Ferb's ice wedding tower crashed into the inator and knocked it away.

"I Was a Middle Aged Robot" Eulg
Doofenshmirtz invented Eulg, a glue-like substance that broke items apart. (Eulg was glue backwards) He duped the entire bottle on his plane and it fell apart.
"Suddenly Suzy" Carbon Footprint-inator
Carbon Footprint-inator
Doofenshmirtz planned to spread carbon footprints all over the Tri-State Area. He stomped on a large banana and slipped to crash into the blimp
"Undercover Carl" Anti Gravity Evil Launch-inator
Evil Lauchinator plans
Doofenshmirtz intercepted Phineas and Ferb's plans for an Anti Gravity Fun Launcher and changed the name to make it his. When Doof wasn't looking, the police took the Inator and Norm away for parking in a loading zone and for riding a robot with more than two axles without a license.
"Hip Hip Parade" Duplic-8-inator
In Doors-inator
Doofenshmirtz planned to create traffic jams with the Duplic-8-Inator, and trapped Perry in the In Doors-Inator. Without realizing it, Doof let Perry out of the In Doors-Inator, and after shooting willy-nilly for a bit, the Duplic-8-Inator overloaded and exploded.
"Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers" Wrapped Up In A Nice Little Bow-inator
One of Doofenshmirtz's "inators" that were put up for auction. Perry used the Inator to wrap Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. in a nice little package with a bow.
"Ain't No Kiddie Ride" Aerosol Sculpture
Stack of spray cans
Aerosol Propelled Ozone Deplete-inator
Large spray can
Doofenshmirtz planned to burn his name into the atmosphere, in order for his legacy to continue. Candace ended up destroying the robotic hand with her red rocket (from the ride). Perry took the fallen arm and smacked Doofenshmirtz with it, knocking him into the aerosol cans and then into his slicked-up pitfall trap.
"Not Phineas and Ferb" Shrink-inator Ray
En route with the Shrinkinator
Doofenshmirtz planned to shrink objects for his train set. Perry shrinked Doof and returned everything back to its former place.
"Phineas and Ferb-Busters!" Straitjacket-inator
Straight jacket
Replacement Robot
Doofenshmirtz built a replacement for Norm and made an inator that trapped Perry in a straitjacket. Perry escaped from the straitjacket.

A shock wave shocked the Replacement Robot, turning him huge and rogue. Luckily, Norm 'accidentally' shorted it out by spilling cocoa.

"The Lizard Whisperer" Gigantinator
Jeremy taught a song to Doofenshmirtz so Heinz could use it to summon an alien army. He also accidentally activated his Gigantinator. The giant Steve ate the Omni-Directional-Amplifinator thinking it was a mushroom.
"Robot Rodeo" Eradicate Rodney's-Inator-inator
Doofenshmirtz entered the inator-creator contest, wanting to win against Aloyse Von Roddenstein, who had won the first contest. Doof used his Inator to destroy Rodney's inator after the agents destroyed all the rest, causing Doof to win. But rampaging Robo-Bulls soon destroyed Doof's Inator.
"The Beak" Doof's Fake Mayor Video
I Approve This Message
Instead of building something, Doofenshmirtz merely asserted that he was in charge, under the hope that everyone was too lazy to stop him. At first, the O.W.C.A. fell for it, but Doof later revealed that the video was just only a bluff.
"She's the Mayor" Accelerate-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz was scheduled to play golf with his brother, but since he hates the game, he created the Accelerate-inator to speed things along. However, he was unaware that his invention also had the ability to open up holes to other dimensions. His device reversed time and a giant other-dimensional alien baby smashed the device with a giant hammer.
"The Lemonade Stand" Paper Cut-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz created a "Paper-Cut-Inator" so that he could make trillions selling bandages. Doof accidentally gave himself a bunch of paper cuts, it went worse when an arriving Vanessa accidentally poured lemonade onto him, much to Vanessa's dismay.
"Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation" De-Evolution-ator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz tried to make the population less intelligent with his "de-evolution-ator."

Doof made the Sand-inator to make sand wedge itself into peoples' swim trunks.

The De-Evolution-ator was disabled after making Doof's head grow large. A wave destroyed the inator.

"Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!" Plans for a giant water balloon
Giant Water Balloon
Dr. Doofenshmirtz took a father-daughter trip to Tokyo with Vanessa, only to splash a water balloon on the International Good Guy Convention and blame Major Monogram for it. It missed its target after Doofenshmirtz accidently stepped on the remote.
"Nerds of a Feather" Doof 'N' Puss
Doof 'N' Puss Theme card
He tried to pitch a show to an executive at the science fiction & fantasy convention. After the show's reviewer suggested Perry be given a girlfriend in the show, Doofenshmirtz stormed off.
"Wizard of Odd" Brat Begone-inator
He played the role of a witch/warlock in Candace's dream. He built it to destroy Candace and get her boots for himself. Candace escaped before it fires. Eventually she gave the boots to him, but he was later smashed by a falling house.
"We Call it Maze" Tilt-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz tried to lean his building for making it a touristic site as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Perry first closed the screen tilting space station, then jamed it with a snow globe, causing it to shoot everywhere.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!" Alien-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz was trying to conquer the Tri-state area with an alien hologram. Perry turned back to pet mode since the machine didn't know his identity, he knocked it out of place, putting the holographic aliens in the concert for Max Modem. It then blowed up.
"The Secret of Success" Telethon of Evil
Donate As Much As You Can
He hosted a telethon of evil. After he chased Phineas and Ferb's car, his jet skiff hit his building, technically foiling his plan.
"The Doof Side of the Moon" Lunar Rotate-inator
Lunar Rotate-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz built a machine that rotated the moon bringing the dark side facing earth. Though the inator succeeded in rotating the moon, the dark side didn't move. The giant building knocked the machine over and crashed it to the ground. Doof soon leart that the dark side would only move if he had only rotated the Sun instead.
"Split Personality" Look Away-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz intended to make everyone turn their heads in order to avoid them frim experiencing his shame as he attempted for perform a high-dive. Succeeded in doing so, but as he plunged into the water, it splashed on the machine, causing it to shorten out.
"Brain Drain" De-Volition-inator
Oh, hi Vanessa
Dr. Doofenshmirtz controled Perry with a remote and helmet. The machine soon landed on him, and Perry controled him in the rap There's a Platypus Controlling Me.
"Rollercoaster: The Musical!" Magnetism Magnif-inator
Just like in Rollercoaster, he was attempting to reverse rotation of the earth only this time with a Magnetism Magnifier-Inator. The same results from the original Rollercoaster happened.
"Make Play" Super-Claw-inator
He planned to use the claw to grab his brother Roger's opera house. Doofenshmirtz grabbed the boys' jukebox instead, and dropped it on the opera house, actually making it better.
"Candace Gets Busted" Go Away-inator
Go-Away Inator
He planned to remove a building away from his free movie watching place. Doofenshmirtz shot an unintentional shot and sent lots of party-goers to his pants. He later got Perry to push the reverse button to send the party-goers back where they came from.

Season 3

Episode Inator(s) Scheme Failure/Destruction
"The Great Indoors" Rain-inator
He used it to make it rain on the Tri-State Area so that he could watch El Matador De Amor without soccer game interruptions. Perry used his rope gun ties it on the bottom of the Rain-inator and it got carried away by a plane.
"Canderemy" Combine-inator
The Combine-inator
He planned to combine an island and Capital of the Tri-State Area so legally he would be the ruler of the Tri-State Area. When Rover dropped the Molecular Separator, it separated what Perry and Doofenshmirtz were attached to. Doofenshmirtz was squashed by Norm and Norm got crushed by the fridge.
"Run, Candace, Run"
People in D.E.I
Dr. Doofenshmirtz's building was put up for sale so he tried to convince a prospective buyer, Annabelle, who turned out to be a long lost relative of the Johnson family, that it was not worth buying. Doofenshmirtz gave in and called Charlene.
"Last Train to Bustville" Dodo-Bird-Incubator-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz made an egg turn into a dodo bird egg and was convinced that it is a fierce bird-monster that could help him take over the Tri-state area, but discovered the exact opposite when the egg hatcheds. He didn't think the dodo was frightening enough.
"Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!" Video-Beam-Hijack-Non-inator
The Non-Inator
Doof's Inside
Dr. Doofenshmirtz from using his "non-inator" to pre-empt his brother's biography from appearing on television.

The latter two were from fake clips from the show.

Perry used a laser remote that shot the front legs of Video-Beam-Hijack-Non-Inator.

The Blow-Itself-Up-Inator had predictable results. Perry used it on Doofenshmirtz and he says, "Oh, great! Now I need to make an Outside-In-Inator!"

"The Belly of the Beast" Salt Water Taffy-inatorTaffy inator Dr. Doofenshmirtz invented the Salt Water Taffy-inator to give cavities to every kid in the Tri State Area. Perry broke the controls which made a lot of saltwater taffy squirt out.
"Moon Farm" Moisture Suck-inator
Moisture Suck-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz attempted to use his Moisture Suck-inator to turn his neighbor's plants brown and to lose all moisture, so that his plants would be greener by comparison. After shooting Perry and himself, Doof figured out the plants and man were plastic.
"Ask a Foolish Question" Metal Unearth-inator
All Purpose-inator
All purpose inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz lost the key to his latest invention, the All-Purpose-inator, so he made the Metal-Unearth-inator to get it back.

The All-Purpose-inator could do everything his previous inators did (except the Music-Video-Clip-inator, from "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown").

The Metal-Unearth-inator accidentally picked up Phineas and Ferb's super computer, the mole that got his key and it came with it. But the force of it all blew up the Metal Unearth-Inator, so the All Purpose-Inator would never be activated.
"Misperceived Monotreme" Least Likely-inator
Least-Likely Inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz's plan to zap his brother with his "Least Likely-inator", which would make Roger do the least likely thing he would do, which was making a fool of himself in front of the legislation. The inator blew up.
"Candace Disconnected" Pick 'Em Up-inator and Sarcastic Norm Head
Candace Disconnected Image2
Dr. Doofenshmirtz invented a Pick 'Em Up-inator to pick Vanessa up from class so that he could watch his exercise show. Later, he decideds to create more to pick up everyone in the Tri-State Area so he could force them to do whatever he wanted. He also had to deal with a Sarcastic Norm Head, the Norm head prototype that had an affinity for sarcasm. The old Norm Head got annoyed and took itself to Easter Island and left the Pick 'Em Up-Inator there.
"Magic Carpet Ride" Stain-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz planned on ruining his brother's art unveiling by using his Stain-inator to ruin a mysterious painting, but as it turned out, the painting was Dr. Doofenshmirtz's very own masterpiece that he created when he was a youth back in Gimmelshtump. He figured out his brother Roger was showing his painting, but before he could stop it the Stain-inator fired and the paintball ruined the painting.
"Bad Hair Day" Very Very Bad-inator
Bad Hair Day Image18
Dr. Doofenshmirtz had created the Very Very Bad-inator out of the most evil parts of his old inventions, and he attempted to see what it did. Phineas and Ferb's Hair Remover tripped him and his jet skiff flied with the Very Very Bad-Inator.
"Meatloaf Surprise" Rotten-inator
Meatloaf Surprise Image32
Dr. Doofenshmirtz had plans to enter his family meatloaf recipe into the competition using "hate" as the special ingredient (as opposed to love). And just in case, he got the Rotten-inator to rot up his other opponents' meatloaves. Doofenshmirtz accidentally hit his meatloaf and Perry destroyed it by using a blender.
"Phineas and Ferb Interrupted" Dull and Boring-inator (Later turned into a Dynamic-inator)
Phineas and Ferb Interrupted Image29
Dr. Doofenshmirtz built a Dull and Boring-Inator, to make himself more interesting by comparison to everyone else. Perry soon helped Doofenshmirtz rebuilt it into a Dynamic-Inator to reverse the effects of the Dull and Boring-Inator on Phineas and Ferb, Doofenshmirtz under the impression that he'd zap himself to be more interesting than everyone else. Doofenshmirtz pushed Perry when he pointed it on the suburbs making Linda dynamic instead of Phineas and Ferb.
"A Real Boy" Forget-About-It-inator
Super Zap-inizer
When Dr. Doofenshmirtz thought Vanessa overheared him say he would rather have a son to do his evil bidding, he felt terrible so he zapped her with the Forget-About-It-Inator. It could make the victim forget what they were currently thinking. Its effects eventually were reversed.

When Rodney taunted Doofenshmirtz daughters are useless and sons are great helped he showed him his Super Zap Izer.

Doofenshmirtz accidentally blasted himself so he forgot how the Forget-About-it-Inator worked once he was zapped with it so he kept pressing the fire button then it exploded.
"Mommy Can You Hear Me?" Chicken Soup-inator
Chicken soup ray
Chicken soup container
Doofenshmirtz went to Tony's Delicatessen to order a chicken soup but he argued with the owner over a fly (or raisin) that he found in the soup. He created the chicken soup-inator to destroy Tony's Delicatessen and create a new deli. Perry kicked Doofenshmirtz to his Inator, it accidentally activated and exploded.
"Road Trip" Big Rig
Big rig
Road Trip - Screenshot 34
Doofenshmirtz used a big rig to transport his boom juice, which was what he needed for his inators' self-destruct feature, across the Tri-State Area. To battle with Perry while in the rig, Doofensmirtz used the Hitch-a-Ride-Inator to connect to the Fetchers' RV. Perry cut the Hitch-a-Ride-Inator and the Big Rig lands into Cactus Gorge then the Big Rig blew up in a giant explosion. And just when Doofenshmirtz thought things couldn't get any worse, he got covered in flaming cactus from the explosion.
Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension Other-Dimension-inator and Other Other-Dimension-inator
AtSD DXD promo 1
The amnesia-inator
Perry the Platyborg
Giant Robot
AT2D Image12
Doofenshmirtz created the Other-Dimension-ator to travel to another dimensions, he went through it and found himself in an alternate universe in which a more evil version of him ruled his world with robots. It is unknown why he built it to begin with. He built another version of it in the second dimension. He refered to it as the "Other Other-Dimension-inator". He also mentioned trying to conquer Danville with an army of giant robots but failed because of the self-destruct button at the bottom of their feet. The Amnesianator was used to wipe out the memories of those who had seen Perry's identity and the events that happened today. It was considerably larger and more powerful than the Forget-About-It-inator. Succeeded in activating the Other-Dimension-inator (thanks to the help from Phineas and Ferb). He later got his memory erased by the Amnesia-Inator, another one of his inventions that he appearently used on himself.
"Tour de Ferb" Pop-Up-inator
Pop up inator
Doofenshmirtz attempted to use his Pop-Up-inator to place his own evil pop up ads virtually everywhere in the Tri-State Area. Perry pushed the Pop-Up-inator off the balcony.
"Skiddley Whiffers" Being overprotective to his daughter.
Tried to protect his daughter on a camping trip. Vanessa made him stop, but when bees attacked, he used himself to stop them.
"My Fair Goalie" If-a-Tree-Fell-in-the-Forest-inator
Tried to force anything to fall and say his name. Perry destroyed the Inator by reflecting its ray off a mirror.
"That's the Spirit" Mind-Transfer-inator
Doofenshmirtz planned to swap minds with a cow so he could destroy all the grass in the Tri-State Area. However, it instead turned him into a were-cow every full moon. Chased by an angry mob.
"The Curse of Candace" Gimmelshtump-inator
Doofenshmirtz attempted to turn the Tri-State Area into a copy of Gimmelshtump so it would be easier to take over. Perry pushed the Gimmelshtump-Inator out the balcony turning Gimmelshtump back into Danville.
"Escape from Phineas Tower" Rude-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz invented a "Rude-Inator" to ruin Roger's meeting with a visiting dignitary from England. Instead it hit the boys' tower, turning its computer controls against them. Perry put a cork in the Inator's shooter and when Perry left, Doofenshmirtz hit the button so many times the Inator exploded.
"Lotsa Latkes" Historical Army Retrieve-inator
Historical Army Retrieve-Inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz's plans on using his latest "-inator," a potato-powered "Historical Army Retrieve-Inator," to summon the Spartan army and command them to take over the Tri-State Area. Perry put the Inator in reverse and made the huns and Doofenshmirtz go back to the past.
"Ferb Latin" Norm and Propaganda
Doof's propaganda
Dr. Doofenshmirtz decided to use propaganda as his new "inator," believing that it would work since people would believe anything they read. Perry took off Norm's fuel cap and Norm went out of control and crashed lands. (It is unknown how he survived the fall.)
"A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas" Transport-inator
He could go on shopping while everybody else was circling around looking for parking spaces. Doofenshmirtz admitted it was more unfair than evil before switching on the Transport-Inator which immediately began transporting him to the shopping stores to begin shopping for Christmas. Perry cracks it and it transports him to the Flynn-Fletcher household, then Doofenshmirtz takes the party to his place accidentally and it explodes.
"Tri-Stone Area" Stick-inator
Doof's stick
Doofengung wanted to poke the mammoths, in order to make them stampede on Ro-juh's home so he could live there himself, since his home was not as great as his. When Doofengung poked the mammoths, instead of stampeding at Ro-juh's home, they angrily charged at Doofengung for poking them, destroying his stone house.
"Doof Dynasty" Kidnapping Princess Isabella
Isabella snatch
Giant Mechanical Dragon
Doofus Khan's secret weapon
Doofus Khan kidnapped Princess Isabella so Regent Monogram wouldn't be able to get in his way while he built a giant dragon to destroy the Tri-Provence Area. Phineas and Ferb freed Isabella, and used a giant terracotta warrior to fight the dragon while Master Perry took the key of the dragon out of its mouth to shut it down.
"Excaliferb" Unearthly Rain
Phineas talks about the rain
Magic Scepter
Lawn Gnorme
Malifishmertz created an army of canned meat monsters to take over the Tri-Kingdom Area. However, the meatlings turned out to be smaller, cuter, and less evil than he expected, so he created an unearthly rain which would make the meatlings more evil.

Did everything that the boys potions could do. 

Phineas, Ferbalot, Parable the Dragonpus and the army of 10,000 monsters battled the meatlings, and by using a potion on himself, Ferb turned into Medusa and turned the meatlings to stone.

When Candavere showed up the septor exploded. Despite this, Malifishmertz escaped.

"Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon" Controlling the Corn Colossus of Juatchadoon
322b - Waking the Corn Colossus
322b - Grabbed
Doofenshmirtz planned to steal the lost Amulet of Juatchadoon in order to control a giant Corn Colossus so he could take over the world. Perry the Platypus used his fez to give the amulet to Ohio Flynn, who smashed it, causing the Colossus to burst into popcorn.
"Monster from the Id" Underwear-inator
IMG 0068
Doofenshmirtz’s evil plan was to use his Underwear-Inator to take over the Tri-State Area, since everyone's greatest fear is being caught in public in their underwear. Perry removed some wires in the Underwear-Inator.
"Gi-Ants" Turkey-inator
IMG 0064
Doofenshmirtz felt tired and lethargic after eating turkey and decided to create a Turkey-Inator that would create a sleeping epidemic in Danville by turning things into giant irresistible turkeys. Perry turned his Turkey-Inator into a giant turkey.
"The Remains of the Platypus" Butler-inator
Vaporizor inator
Doofenshmirtz made Perry his butler with his Butler-inator, and Carl was trapped by Doofenshmirtz while in a squirrel costume. Succeeded in turning Perry into his butler, but Perry wrote a message on his body saying "I fight evil" that could only be seen with a miror. When he saw it he was free from the effects of the Butler-Inator, and hit the Vaporizor-inator with a chair after.
"Mom's in the House" Duplicate-inator 2
Doofenshmirtz thought that two heads were better than one. Perry hit the Duplicate-Inator with a golf club, breaking it.
"Perry The Actorpus" Mustache-inator
IMG 3685
Doofenshmirtz planned to prank people with mustaches in their face, because he found them amusing. Perry took out a wrench and destroyed the Mustache-Inator, but not after giving Doofenshmirtz a mustache.
"Let's Bounce" Tell-the-Truth-inator
Robot Abraham Lincoln
Doofenshmirtz tried to get people to tell the truth so that society would fall apart. It also had an Abe Lincoln Robot as a decoration because of his nickname, "Honest Abe". Honest Abe Lincoln smashed the controller, causing the Tell-the-truth-Inator go haywire.
"Bully Bromance Breakup" Sculpt-inator
Doofenshmirtz planned to sculpt Danville Mountain with his face. When Doofenshmirtz tried to sculpt his body on the mountain, Perry attacked Doofenshmirtz, and it scanned his bad face. Afterwards, Perry scanned a scale model of the mountain, turning it back to normal as Perry destroyed it off-screen.
"Quietest Day Ever" De-Handsome-inator
Ugly inator
Doofenshmirtz originally wanted to use this inator to make handsome men ugly. However, it zapped Doofenshmirtz while set on "Not Ugly", making Doof irresistably handsome. Doof then used this to his advantage to try and become mayor of the Tri-State Area. Perry tried to use the De-Handsome-inator to zap Doofenshmirtz before he was crowned mayor, but there were too many balloons in the way. So, Perry set up many mirrors to bounce the ray until it hit Doofenshmirtz, making him ugly again.
"The Doonkelberry Imperative" Druelselsteinian Driving Test
325a - Proceed with the Test
Telescope with ray
325a - Telescope
Multiple Mini inators
325a - Books and Inators
Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz found themselves across the ocean as Doofenshmirtz returned home to renew his Druelselsteinian driver's license. He succeeded in the driving test, but failed to get back home.
"Delivery of Destiny" Juice-inator
Doofenshmirtz wanted to turn City Hall into juice. The mail delivery guy Paul wrapped up the Juice-inator with tape and it turned itself into juice.
"Buford Confidential" De-Twist-inator
Since Doofenshmirtz could never twist a perfect pretzel, he invented the Detwistinator, a device that would straighten out any twist. He planned on zapping the Danville Pretzel Festival to get his revenge. Perry used the sticky mint and blanket stuck to his head to send Doof spinning into the De-Twist-inator, destroying it.
"The Mom Attractor" Baby-Cry-inator
Doofenshmirtz planned to make Roger undesirable as mayor by using the Baby-Cry-Inator to make people think babies hate him. Phineas and Ferb's Mom attractor grabbed the inator, stopped its crying, and walked away with it. And since the crying stopped, everyone wanted Roger to be re-elected.
"Cranius Maximus" Key-Find-inator
Doofenshmirtz wanted to take all of the keys of the Tri-State Area so he could open any door he wanted. But, he realized that taking all of those keys was a hassle, so instead he decided to steal the Key to the City. Perry returned all the keys, destroying the Key-Find-Inator. And although Doofenshmirtz succeeded in getting the Key to the City, he realized that it couldn't fit into any key hole because it was too big and he got struck by lightning.
"Minor Monogram" Massive Propellers
Screen Shot 2012-04-07 at 3.05.26 PM
Doofenshmirtz planned to lift the Tri-State Area with the idea of everybody wanting to be put on the ground so they would obey him. But Rodrigo stole the plan and wanted to break the Tri-State Area in two by manivulating the propellers at precise angles. Monty Monogram arrived and defeated Rodrigo, and putting leaving the Tri-State Area normal. Doof then decided to continue his plan, but Perry kicked him and dropped the Tri-State Area in its proper place.
"Agent Doof" Babe-inator
Doofenshmirtz wanted to turn his brother into a baby but the inator wasn't plugged in. Norm accidentally plugged it in twice, first turning Phineas and Ferb and later Mom, Isabella along with several Fireside Girls into babies much to Candace's dismay.
"What A Croc!" Chicken Replace-inator
Chicken replace inator
Doofenshmirtz planned to ruin Roger's award for Mayor of the Year award by replacing it with a chicken. Perry opened the beak and placed a rubber chicken inside.
"Sleepwalk Surprise" Confetti-inator, Cupcake-inator, Hug-inator,
Pobrane (36)
326a - Combined Inators
Doofenshmirtz built nice-inators in his sleep. He combined them to make a single inator. Perry pushed part off the building, Norm tripped causing part to fall off, and Doofenshmirtz accidentally told Norm to push the last part off.
"Sci-Fi Pie Fly" Dough Blow-inator
326b - The Dough-Blow-Inator
Doofenshmirtz challenged the pizza guy to a contest and used the Dough-Blow-Inator to cheat. Perry switched the setting from "blow" to "suck" in the Dough-blow-Inator and it sucked in everything causing it to explode.
"Sipping with the Enemy" Cool-inator
329a - The Coolinator
Powered by a gallon of cappuccino, Doofenshmirtz tried to suck the coolness out of everyone at a trendy coffee bar. Deflected (and destroyed) by Perry, the device made Linda and Lawrence cooler than usual instead of Doofenshmirtz.
"Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets" De-Age-inator
Made himself younger to enter film contest using his film to try and take over Tri-State Area. Worked well, but still lost the film festival to Phineas and Ferb.
"Doofapus" Platyp-inator
Doofenshmirtz used the Platypu-inator to turn himself into a platypus to be evenly matched with Perry, but when it got to be exhausting, Doof then planned to duplicate himself with the Double-inator to outmatch Perry. Perry rammed the Platypu-inator into the Double-inator, destroying them both.
"Norm Unleashed" Norm's Weaponry
Norm Unleashed
Doofenshmirtz ended up in jury duty, so Norm took over his schemes by weaponizing himself.

Dr. Diminutive mentioned that Doofenshmirtz had made a Schmaltz-inator.

Perry lured Norm's squirrel heart out of him causing Norm to lose power and crash to the ground.

Dr. Diminutive stole Doofenshmirtz's inator. Later, they both went to jail.

"Where's Perry?" Fitness Equipment Lock-inator
Fitness lock-inator
Ultimate Evil-inator
Tumblr m76jrxRHud1r3j0glo1 250
The Galaxy-inator
Tumblr m76jrxRHud1r3j0glo3 250
Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 6.02.39 PM
Tumblr m76jrxRHud1r3j0glo4 250
Upper Decker-inator
Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 6.03.03 PM
Pickle Slicer-inator
Images (18)
The Stand-and--
Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 6.03.35 PM
The Boar--
Tumblr m76jrxRHud1r3j0glo8 250
Tumblr m76jrxRHud1r3j0glo7 250
Tumblr m76jrxRHud1r3j0glo10 250
Tumblr m76jrxRHud1r3j0glo11 250
The Fitness Equipment Lock-inator was made to lock up every fitness machine in the Tri-State Area. That way, everyone would become overweight and Doofenshmirtz could take over with ease. But, it turned out that this was not his true evil scheme. When Perry left, he broke out the Ultimate Evil-inator in order to turn Major Monogram evil and rule the Tri-State Area through the O.W.C.A. In a rush, Doofenshmirtz destroyed the Fitness Equipment Lock-inator by pressing the Self-Destruct button, and the Ultimate Evil-inator didn't hit its intended target. Instead, the blast bounced off of Major Monogram's hand mirror and hit Carl.
"Where's Perry? (Part Two)" Julienn-inator
Go Home-inator
Go home-inator
Doofenshmirtz had no choice but to work together with Major Monogram in order to stop Carl from taking over the Tri-State Area. To do so, he made a Re-Good-inator to reverse the effects of the Ultimate Evil-inator. The Go Home-inator sent Perry to Africa.

Although there were some complications with the Re-Good Inator, it did not fail to turn Carl back to normal.

"When Worlds Collide" Double Dutch Machine
The Double Dutch Machine
When worlds collide4
He knew that the true measure of a man is having a world famous roadside attraction, so he wanted to steal the World's Largest Ball of Twine so it could be his. The World's Largest Ball of Twine raveled around the Whalemingo planet, and raveled around the tip of the Sphere-Attract-Inator. As the planet went up, it took the World's Largest Ball of Twine and the Sphere-Attract-Inator along with it.
"What'd I Miss?" A-Leaky Faucet-inator
Peach Cobbler-inator
Perry Doof Vanessa at the beach
Doof planned to embarras his brother Roger at Everybody's a winner beauty pageant. Thought of it while losing sleep over a dripping faucet.

Made everyone want peach cobbler.

The drip went to the Flynn-Fletcher house instead. 

Perry threw some sand at the Peach Cobbler-inator, shorting it out. 

"Road to Danville" Trip to the Desert-inator
Wanted to keep Perry out of his way by transporting him to the desert so he could do his play. Accidentally transported Doof and Perry to the middle of a desert far away from Danville.
"This Is Your Backstory" Back-story-inator
To use his backstories as a source to become more evil After Perry revealed his photos, Doof blew up the Back-story-inator with overwhelming nice backstories of Perry
"Blackout!" Big Sad Eye-inator
The Big Sad Eye-inator
To give himself big sad eyes so that people would pity him give him whatever he wanted. He tried to used it on Roger, but when the power came back it just freaked him out.

Season 4

Episode Inator(s) Scheme Failure/Destruction
"For Your Ice Only" Abominable-Inator
Turned himself into an abominable snowman, but in stages. Was destroyed as he chased Agent P down a mountain, but not before changing a Zamboni ice-resurfacer to dismantle the Hockey Z-9 demonstration.
"Happy New Year!" Resolution-Changer-Inator
Made party-goers at a New Year's Eve party change their resolutions to making Doofenshmirtz leader of the Tri-State area. It turned out that no one stuck to their resolutions, hence they didn't make Heinz leader.
"Fly On the Wall" Feed-The-Pigeons-Inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Best Inator
Human Head-Inator
Suffering a case of Evil Scientist's Block, Doof used a Feed-The-Pigeons-Inator to break the law, until Perry agreed to help break the block and built Doofenshmirtz's Best Inator. Meanwhile, Candace met a fly who got shot with a Human Head-Inator, which Doof may had built. The giant tire from Phineas' swing destroyed the Best Inator.
"Bully Bust" Luffa-plex Dill Pickle-inator
Launched Doofenshmirtz's enemies into orbit. Perry used Doofenshmirtz's shoe to hit the insides of the inator.
"My Sweet Ride" Rust-inator
Boomslaka 320-I
Tumblr mhl0eaVF4Q1rgi4ejo1 500 (1)
Doofenshmirtz planned to hit other cars with the Rust-inator and turn them into rust, winning the Doo Wop Hop car show with his Uncle Simpkin's old car. Norm accidentally used it on Doofenshmirtz's car. Also, in order to avoid Doof from learning about Vanessa's relationship with Monty Monogram, Perry caused the plastic gas tank to explode, launching Doofenshmirtz into space.
"Der Kinderlumper" Kinderlumper-inator
Doofenshmitz planned to turn himself to a Kinderlumper so he could scare his brother Roger away making him the mayor. Roger wasn't scared of the Kinderlumper because his mother taught him that the Kinderlumper was a loving, caring creature. Perry destroyed it and everything hit by the ray was returned to normal.
"Sidetracked" Train Operator-inator
Tumblr minw08rYNj1rgi4ejo1 500
Cloud Magnetiz-inator
Doing Professor Bannister's scheme, he used a remote control-like Inator in an attempt to stop Albert the moose from arriving to a ceremony, which would throw Canada into civil war. Holding up the Inator in victory, it was shattered against the roof of the train tunnel.
"Primal Perry" Liam McCracken
Doofenshmirtz introduces Liam McCracken
Doofenshmirtz hired Liam McCracken, a professional platypus hunter, to trap Perry in the Danville Botanical Gardens Liam went rogue and tried to hunt both him and Perry (whom Doofenshmirtz thought was a different platypus without his hat and called him Steven).
"Mind Share" Special shoes
Doof boots
Doofenshmirtz tried to impress a girl that loved square dancing by creating boots that followed any command they heared. Doofenshmirtz's girlfriend was initially impressed, but after another song played and Doofenshmirtz started dancing, he confessed and his girlfriend dumped him.
"Backyard Hodge Podge" Eye-Fog-Inator
Doof with Eye-Fog-inator
Doofenshmirtz wanted to get more royalties from the ophthalmologist's chair that he invented, so he fogged everyone's eyes. Perry destroyed the inator.
"Bee Day" Aroma-Inator
Bee Day-The Aroma-inator
Doofenshmirtz planned to shoot himself with the Inator, making him the King Bee. Perry pushed the self destruct button.
"Great Balls Of Water" Double-Negative-Inator
The Double Negative-Inator
Doofenshmirtz was going to shoot the local caffeine shop manager and tricked her into giving him some egg nog in the middle of July. Perry proceeded to push the self destruct button, leaving Doofenshmirtz to clean it up and ramble about how Perry leaves messes after he wins.
"Where's Pinky?" Blend-Into-The-Background-Inator
The Blend into the background-Inator
Doofenshmirtz planned to conceal himself in order to proceed to steal the deed to and become ruler of the Tri-State Area. Perry stole the device to hide himself and Pinky the Chihuahua from Buford.
"Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne" Away-Inator helmet
Doofenshmirtz about to press the button to activate his Inator
Doofenshmirtz attempted to send Kelly to another dimension for demoting him to co-host. Perry swooped in and used a mirror to send Doofenshmirtz to the Baby Alien's dimension. For some unknown reason, Doof later returned back.
"Knot My Problem" Eat-It-All-Inator
Doofenshmirtz built a machine that made people eat without stop for make all the buffets closed. Perry made Doofenshmirtz swallow the invention and punched the him in the stomach, causing a final beam to shoot out from his mouth, also breaking the inator in his stomach.
"Just Desserts" Bring-Out-Dessert-Inator
Can you jump really fast, up and down-
Doof made a machine that made people serve the dessert so he would ruin all his brother's dinners because he would serve the dessert the first and they would end sooner. The inator blasted off and flied towards Roger's house. Doofenshmirtz called in on the speaker, located directly above the self-destruct button and revealed the button's location, causing Perry to push it.
"La Candace-Cabra" Switch-Place-Inator
Mqdefault (62)
Doofenshmirtz has the brilliant idea to use it to remove hair from one person and give it to another so that he can in turn sell his hair growing tonic. Perry pushes Doofenshmirtz off the plane in his parachute and uses the Switch-Place-Inator to have the Chupacabra and Buford swap places.
"Happy Birthday, Isabella" Bugs Me-Inator
Mqdefault (52)
Doofenshmirtz had installed this onto an evil bug bus and was driving around Danville turning all the things that bug him literally into bugs. After Doofenshmirtz ran away, thinking Stacy was the monster from The Grievance, Perry destroyed the Bugs Me-Inator, sending a final beam into space.
"Love at First Byte" Norm
Awkward silence
Norm and Chloe (Rodney's invention) fell in love.
"One Good Turn" 90 Degree-turn-inator
And now for the humiliation
Doofenshmirtz planned to humiliate his brother, the Mayor, by using this on him so that he would accidentally insult the Mayor of Stumblegimp and be forced to perform the shameful "Dance of Contrition" to make amends. It turned out that the "Dance of Contrition" was not what Doofenshmirtz expected. It was not humiliating at all. Perry escaped from his trap and pushed the contraption of the ledge.
"Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel" Power-Drain-Inator
Power drain inator
Mqdefault (61)
Power-Drain-Inator Mark 2 (made by MODOK, Red Skull, Whiplash and Venom)
Modded Power-drain-inator
Top of the world, Ma!
Doofenshmirtz created this inator originally to take the power of being mayor away from his brother Roger. Later, Red Skull, MODOK, Venom, and Whiplash planned to use a modified version of the Power Drain-inator, now with the ability to drain energy and matter, to destroy the Tri-State Area, and then use it to take over the world. After Doofenshmirtz accidentally cut a air line to the trap, Perry destroyed it, but one beam went into space and hit a space station the boys setted up for asteroid surfing, and the beam hit Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man in New York City instead. The upgraded version was destroyed when Phineas and Ferb's satellite crashed on it due to Candace causing it to fall from space. Doofenshmirtz would later use his Disintegrator-inator to destroy the satellite after the villains were arrested.
"Thanks But No Thanks" Inflate-inator
Doof's inator
Was going to be used by Doofenshmirtz to stop a bagpipe player. Perry threw it over the edge after deflating himself.
"Troy Story" De-Clutter-inator
Created and tried to find the de-clutter-inator that he lost, that could unclutter a big mess he made. Doof attempted to plug it in, but it caused an explosion that destroyed itself, right after its final beam hit Lawrence.
"Druselsteinoween" Finding the treasure
I'm rich
He and Perry followed the clues left by Doofenshmirtz's aunt, who was the previous owner of the castle. Succeeded in finding the treasure, but various local officials took the money for unpaid fees on the castle.
"Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" Inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head-Attract-inator
BabyHead attract-inator
Doofenshmirtz invented this to bring the inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head to him, so that he could use one of its three wishes to rule the Tri-State Area. When Doofenshmirtz used his last wish to be "the head of the Tri-State Area", instead of taking command of the Tri-State Area, he was literally turned into a giant head.
"Face Your Fear" Make Things Larger-inator
Make things larger-inator
Created to make an army of giant bats to take over the Tri-State Area. Doofenshmirtz had a crippling fear of bats, and was unable to create a giant bat army.
"Cheers for Fears" Worst-Fear-inator
Invented in order to make people's biggest fears come to life. Doofenshmirtz was blasted by this, causing vending machines to dominate. After Perry scared the vending machines off, Doofenshmirtz proceeded to push the self-destruct button, but not before accidentally activating the invention again.
"Steampunx" Evil Swan
Mqdefault (71)
Pneumatic Pnorman
Planned to smash all the steam-powered inventions at the world's fair. Swerry used Phineas and Ferb's steam-powered chore doing device to send corn husks into the swan, causing it to blast off.
"Just Our Luck" Stinkelkrampen-Inator (aka Good Luck-Inator)
Doofenshmirtz wished to zap himself with good luck and Rodger with bad luck, thus making the former fortunate enough to become mayor of Danville. After Doofenshmirtz accidentally awakened Perry, the latter beat him up and destroyed the Stinkelkrampen-Inator, reversing the effects of those who were zapped by it.
"Return Policy" Back-to-the-Store-inator
Doofenshmirtz used this to return some of his things to the store he purchased it from without having to leave his home. Perry zapped Doofenshmirtz, leaving the latter in his underclothes. He was then zapped again, this time being sent to Gimmelschtump, Drusselstein, specifically into the hands of Dr. Mortimer Shlussel in the hospital room he was born in.
"Live and Let Drive" "I-don't-care-Inator"
Lald021 the i-don't-care-inator
Doofenshmirtz used this to sabotage the race of Duchy, Montevillebad and eliminate the competition, including international racing legend of Italian-Scottish-Swiss-Dutch descent Paolo Vanderbeek. Perry stole the -inator and reversed its effects on Vanderbeek, who would go on to win the race.
"Phineas and Ferb Save Summer" "Shift-The-Earth's-Position-Further-Away-From-The-Sun-Inator"
Doof attempted to make the Earth go far away from the sun (because of the wrong sunscreen he brought) Succeeded in doing so, but later regreted it when he learnt that Rodney created an -inizor based on the inator to move the Earth into a new Ice Age.
"Father's Day" Gum-Under-The-Shoe-inator
S04E21 Gumo-Inator
S04E21 Armaty
Doof tried to get his father's old Lawngnome back. He succeeded, but he tripped right as his father entered the room and the gnome was smashed into a million pottery shards. Heinz returned home in dismay, but after he left, his father recognized the code on the back of one of the pottery shards and fixed it.
"Imperfect Storm" "Sog-Inator"
Doof attempted to soak Grulinda for get a revenge for what she had done back in Gimmelshtump. The inator failed and Grulinda, who revealed that she only soaked him out of love, soaked him out of spite.
"The Return of the Rogue Rabbit" Transmogrification-Backpack-inator
Dennis Enlarges Fist
Doof helped Dennis the Rabbit escape from prison. Perry knocked Dennis off the dock and into the ocean. The heavy metal suit sank and Perry hads to save Dennis from drowning before arresting him. Monogram and Carl came in disguise and picked him up.
"It's No Picnic" Teleport-inator
S04E17 Teleport-Inator
Sent Vanessa to a movie marathon that she wanted to see, and later sent Roger and City Hall to Druselstein Succeeded in sending Vanessa to the movie theater, but after Perry fought, it started shooting random items. One ray hit a mirror and was reflected back. Doof, Perry, and the -inator were teleported to Phineas and Ferb's picnic park, but Perry changed the settings again and zapped everything back to "Home."
"The Klimpaloon Ultimatum" Warthog-Sprayer-inator
To turn Roger into a warthog so that he could be removed from office. Heinz also set the spray on Roger's podium to ensure it would happen. Mittington Random was standing at the podium after being exposed of his attempt to kidnap Klimpaloon, and when the timer went off, so it sprayed his head, turning it into that of a warthog's.
"Operation Crumb Cake" Unretrograde-Inator
S04E22 Inator
Invented an Unretrograde-inator to reverse his bad luck. After using the nickel in his hat, Perry pushed the self destruct button.
"Mandace" Impresionator-Inator
Attempted to turn himself into a pizza delivery-boy to pick up warm pizza for himself. Perry (as Blanca Dishon) threw Heinz (as Buck Buckerson) at the -inator, smashing it, disabling all of the holographic field projections, and returning everyone to normal.
"Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars" Sith-Inator
Darthenshmirtz attempted to turn himself into a high-level Sith. Three words: "Self Destruct Port".
"Lost in Danville" True-purpose-shrouded-in-an-enigma-inator (Professor Mystery's invention)
Made everything it hit disappear. Mystery intended to use this to get rid of Doof as revenge for 'stealing' his nemesis, Peter the Panda. He first named it the "True-purpose-shrouded-in-an-enigma-inator". Peter arrived to confront Mystery while Perry arriveds to rescue Doof by pointing the inator up into the sky, firing a ray to a growing black hole, erasing it from existence. Peter would later destroy the -inator before settling down to talk with Mystery.
"The Inator Method" Motivator-Inator
Doof held a seminar and created a machine for making everybody expend money on his schemes
"Night of the Living Pharmacists" Repulse-inator and Mindless Zombie Pharmacists
The former turned anybody who get hit by it into a repulsive being, which was really a mindless, fish-eyed version of Heinz himself. The latter turneds anybody who received physical contact with it into another zombie pharmacist. Since the inator used more energy than usual, it exploded from overheating after the first shot. The mindless repulsive pharmacists were turned back to their original forms by being splashed by water, and everybody infected during the episode get splashed back to normal by the water from the water tower near the end.
"Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension"
S4E23 Animal Borgs
None, but alternate Charlene planned to kidnap the animal agents to make Candace-2 return her Heinz Doofenshmirtz-2. The gang put Fedoras on the cyborg agents, making them O.W.C.A's agents again.
"Doof 101"
None. But he taught in Danville High School and his experiment turned Johnny into a monster. Then he planned how to turn him back to normal.
Act Your Age" Mid-Life-Crisis-Inator
Ten years in the future. Doof wanted to have a Mid-Life crisis so he built a Mid-Life Crisis-Inator for having one. After getting pushed ot of a plane, Doof decided that the Mid-Life crisis not how he thought it would be and got rid of the inator chain.
"Last Day of Summer" Tri-Governor Inator
Last Day of Summer - PeF001 - Image 43
Doof, Candace, and the Do-Over-inator
Upon realizing that he could not become supreme ruler of the Tri-State Area because there was no such position, Doofenshmirtz initially invented the Tri-Governor-Inator to create the position. Later on, he believed that the should do this so that Vanessa no longer saw him as him as a loser and would not want to permanently move in with Charlene.

The Do-Over-Inator was invented to repeat days, which Candace activated so that she could finally bust Phineas and Ferb. Due to the days constantly repeating and shortening along with the appearance of rips in the space-time continuum as a result of the Do-Over-Inator, Doofenshmirtz, Vanessa, and later Perry constructed the Time-Straighten-Out-Inator to prevent the universe from being destroyed.

During one of the time loops, Perry pushed the self-destruct button to destroy the Tri-Governor Inator, but on another loop, it succeeded in creating a Tri-Governor Mansion.

After returning to reality, the gang pushed the Do-Over-Inator's self-destruct button, returning everything that has disappeared from existence and repairing the space-time continuum.

Outside the series

Episode Inator(s) Scheme
"Spot the Diff" marathon Changenator-inator Doofenshmirtz used this machine to change all the episodes shown in the Spot the Diff marathon.
"Disney XD" Disney XDOOF
This was the commercial on Disney XD when Doofenshmirtz turned the Disney XD logo to XDOOF.
"Disney Channel" Remote Control-inator This was the commercial on Disney Channel when Doofenshmirtz launched a Doof Channel.
"Comic-Con Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You! Sneak Peek"
  • Erase-the-special-episode-inator
  • Hide-the-secret-password-inator
This was the commercial at Comic-Con when Dr. Doofenshmirtz stole the first part of "Summer Belongs to You!" and viewers went on to to unlock it with the secret password, "platypus".
"Disney's Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!" Audience Control-inator
IMG 8286
Used to control the audience at the show.
Agent P's World Showcase Adventure: Japan Baby-inator
Giant Robot
Doof invented this to turn people into babies. That way, nobody could outrun his giant robot.

Doofenshmirtz used it to try to take over Japan's Tri-Prefect Area. However, it was slow.

Shark Tank Shrink-inator Doof tried to allow the sharks, led by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, to invest in his newest inator.
Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt Tilt-inator
Tilt-inator - Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt
Bake Sale Obliterationator
Bake Sale Obliterationator
Doof bribed Justin Bieber to appear on his web show with the Tiltinator from "We Call it Maze".

After being inspired by how the stars of Duck Dynasty made their fortune, Doofenshmirtz invented the Cute-Puppy-Call-inator. Unfortunately, when he blowed it, thousands of spiders invaded his lab. To get rid of bake sales, Doof created the Bake Sale Obliterationator.